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>Three Coins in the Fountain


>Gap-toothed Muppet

Caroline Flint, our not-so-fragrant Minister for Europe, hasn’t even read the Treaty of Lisbon. MORE HERE.

“I have been briefed on some of it,”
she told Mark Francois her opposite number in the House.

Well, that’s just fine then. We can all rest easy at night knowing that our Minister for Europe has her finger on the pulse and knows exactly what she’s doing. Good grief, even I seem to know more about it than she does (eg Lisbon Treaty legalises EU death penalty). Yes, it’s a convoluted mish-mash of mendacity and you need to have two or three other ‘Treaties’ beside you as well for reference but come on, Caroline, at least make some show of being up to the job.

I pity her constituents in South Yorkshire – they deserve much better.

How Caroline Flint voted on key issues since 2001:

  • Voted strongly against a transparent Parliament.
  • Voted moderately for introducing a smoking ban.
  • Voted strongly for introducing ID cards.
  • Voted very strongly for introducing foundation hospitals.
  • Voted strongly for introducing student top-up fees.
  • Voted very strongly for Labour’s anti-terrorism laws.
  • Voted very strongly for the Iraq war.
  • Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war.
  • Voted very strongly for replacing Trident.
  • Voted very strongly for the hunting ban.
  • Voted strongly for equal gay rights.
  • Voted for laws to stop climate change.

If she’s your MP you can find more about her HERE

>Hail and Farewell


Ave atque vale to Chiqua, the Asylum Seeker and her six sprogs. Sadly, it’s just ‘vale’ to Chiqui.

>A Question of Priorities

It beggars belief that some MPs are more concerned with finding a ‘mole’ who is allegedly selling details of their expenses than they are with hanging their heads in shame and curtailing their troughing. They should concentrate on the message, not the messenger; the public have the right to know how their taxes are spent.

“The search was launched after a series of damaging leaks left politicians struggling to contain public fury over generous parliamentary perks.”


>MPs’, Spouse, Family, Staff Travel Expenses

>Travel expenses for MPs, spouse, family and staff can be found HERE

>MPs’ Expenses 2008 Released

>You can check out your MP’s expenses HERE in pdf

>MPs’ Pay Rise

MPs are to get a 2.33% pay rise from this Wednesday which brings average pay to just under Β£65,000 pa – before allowances. HERE

UPDATE 3.18PM: “Sky News understands the Prime Minister has ordered minister’s pay to remain the same.” That was a quick response on Ministers but MPs’ pay rises still go ahead. Why could it not be frozen for all of them?