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I seem to have a trapped nerve somewhere in my hand which renders 3 fingers pretty useless so no posts until some feeling comes back but I may put up something that can be done with one-finger typing in the meantime I’ll leave you with this pic which gives food for thought:

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>Freddy Kempf: Beethoven

(The govt has just lost the vote re the Gurkhas).

>How Many MPs are Trots and Fabians?

I’ve done the leg-work in the past so I’ll leave it to you, Gentle Reader, to do your own detective work:

The Fabian Society
The Origins of The Fabian Society
The Origins of The Fabian Society 2

And while you’re doing that you can also check out how many MPs were Trotskyites and Marxists in their student days; here’s one to be going on with:

Whoops! Looks like it’s been deleted from the Google archives. It was a pic of the Right Hon Jack Straw when he was President of Leeds University Student Union breaking up a meeting from the highpoint of a tabletop. Still, a leopard can’t change it’s spots, eh Jack? Once a Marxist, always a sh*t.

I’ve been rather bemused lately at the number of YouTube videos pulled. I had, naively, thought that once on the internet, always on the internet…but not so. I’ve had reference articles and pics in my favourites for years but now find that many of them have been deleted, or have embedding and/or comments disabled. We are already being censored. This NWO, whatever and whoever it represents, is already re-writing history with the collusion of Corporations.

>Trying Hard Not To Be Negative

>but it’s difficult when something as classy as this from CROWN BLOGSPOT comes along: it’s also true.


>* Live Chat: PMQs* + Update

>The Daily Politics from 11.30am and live PMQs from 12noon THE DAILY POLITICS BLOGSPOT


Verdict: Clegg outperformed Cameron in taking the PM to task; to listen to Cameron you’d think we already had a Government of National Unity. Brown was let off lightly. Best questions from backbenchers: Bill Cash (‘Any plans for further YouTube appearances?’); Anne Main (‘Accept responsibility for removal at short notice of funding for post-16 education?); Nicholas Winterton (‘The govt must be less restrictive on entry conditions for Gurkhas.’). There was also a reassuring touch of class warfare from Clive Efford who seems to have assumed the mantle of Dennis Skinner.
Overall: PMQs should be re-named PM’s Soliloquy.

I missed this – Gordon Forgets He’s The PM:

>Hain Gets A Kicking in the Comments

Yet another Labour MP, Peter Hain, has written an article for today’s Grauniad vehemently denouncing the BNP and calling on the public to vote Labour, support the UAF, RAR etc etc. What seems to have completely passed him by is the fact that the BNP has flourished in the last twelve years because of his government’s policies. We have a government incapable of acknowledging its own culpability in any circumstances, instead always blaming ‘stupid voters’ who lack the brains to understand issues. Labour: a know-nothing government who have brought about their own downfall by taking the electorate for mugs.

Here’s one of the comments from someone using the pseudonym “Moveanymountain” which is fairly typical so far:

“So let me see if I have got this right. You have f*cked up the economy and the government of this country, perhaps beyond repair, with the inevitable result that the Hard Right are on the rise, and you want us to repair the mess you made by, what?, voting for you all again?
Frankly I view the BNP winning three seats in Brussels with utter indifference. Swine belong in pig sties. There are already so many Fascists there, what can one or two more possibly do to make it worse?
It is hard to believe that even the BNP could be worse than the bunch of clowns we have at Westminster today. Bring on a national election.”

The only thing I’d take issue with in the comment is that the BNP’s policies are Left-wing and they’re not ‘fascist swine’. HAIN GETS TANGOED