>A Europe Of The Regions

>The EU doesn’t merely ‘like’ the breaking up of nations, but actively encourages it. Here are two articles about what’s happening in Belgium and Spain. The end result could be many local inconsequential regions with an over-riding, unaccountable monolithic bureaucracy in Brussels. If I were Scottish, I’d be rather more circumspect about the EU’s promotion of devolution and independence from the UK. Barroso and his pals aren’t William Wallace.

8 responses to “>A Europe Of The Regions

  1. >Divide and conquer, eh?

  2. >Yes, I've often asked why SNPers are so vehemently opposed to the UK Union yet seem so ready to embrace the EU – none have been able to tell me yet – perhaps this post will flush them out!

  3. >Personally I'm all for Scottish independence inside or outside the EU – none of my business.As long as England is properly independent :)Bring it on.

  4. >Agreed, if that's what they want then fair enough. It's just the EU question that puzzles me – and some of them are so vitriolic towards the English they wouldn't be missed. England won't get it's own independence easily because we're being carved up into Regions – the Welsh & Scottish are already Regions but they don't realise it, yet.

  5. >Old England isn't done yet.Join the revolution – home rule for England.A just cause for the 21st century.

  6. >The difference between the English union & the EU for Scotland is that, unlike the present constitutional position, Scotland as an independent member State of the EU would be voluntarily pooling sovereignty on an equal basis with all other EU countries, maximising her influence in the Scottish national interest rather than impotently sitting on the sidelines as she is now whilst others take the important decisions.England/UK, never mind Ireland, France, Malta, Denmark, Austria, et al, all recognise the benefits of the EU & the case is no different for Scotland.

  7. >Scotland always had a good trade in the past with Europe. There is no reason why it still cannot trade with European Countries including England.

  8. >Thank you for those comments; it's the closest thing I've ever had to an answer. Self-determination has to be the ultimate goal for any country and if that's what Scotland wants then I hope she gets it.

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