>Stan’s Summer

>Go and have a read; it’s like being there yourself!

Retirement, something happens and every bastard wants to sleep in van at lochside, is like Candice Marie and Raymond from Nut in May, pair of stupid, fucked-up, calorie-counting, bird-watching, shitbrain useless mouthy bastard, only on wheels, Look at Us, here we are in our camper van, Silver FoxesRus.

2 responses to “>Stan’s Summer

  1. >Thanks GV and feel free to put Gove's response to Balls up if you want. Gove gives a good speech. I'll reserve judgement until he's been a minister for a few years.

  2. >You're a patient man, Mr Swiss – I won't be reserving judgement for that long πŸ™‚

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