A Prediction

“The UK has been among the worst-hit developed countries by the global

downturn and the majority of the population fears a deep and long recession
and the onset of mass unemployment. Popular discontent and anger are likely
to rise, and populist sentiments to strengthen. The news of big personal payouts
to bankers who have failed spectacularly has incensed public opinion.
Somewhat surprisingly given the UK’s traditions, according to a February 2009 poll for Prospect magazine, 37% of respondents (more than 50% among older age groups) predicted that “there will be serious social unrest in British cities” requiring the army to restore order. As in other countries, anti-immigrant sentiment could also intensify. In early 2009, British workers held a series of protests against the employment of foreign workers on critical energy sites. The mood of the country is also revealed by the results of a recent FT/Harris survey that showed that almost 80% of British adults believe that immigrants should be asked to leave the country if they do not have a job. A majority also oppose the right of other EU citizens to work in the UK.”


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