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>America No More

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>The Last Refuge in the Shires

>An explanatory update from Sarah, Maid of Albion: The Last Refuge in the Shires

>A Slice Of Existential Fruit Cake

I must be going round the twist because I find this really, really funny.
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>Always & Forever


Two more soldiers, from The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, have been killed in an explosion.  They were on  foot patrol this morning, just north of Lashkar Gah, in Helmand. They haven’t been named but their families have been informed.

UPDATE: Michael Yon has posted a new report. The wealth of detail he gives is probably why he was kicked out of Sangin by the MoD. This is how Defence of the Realm sees it.

>I’m Confused


Just over a week ago I posted about Luton’s 3-month banning order  on groups protesting against Islamic protests against the troops.  Yesterday riot police broke up a mob of 200 Asian ‘youngsters’ after they threw fireworks at officers. (Youngsters??)

I’m confused because it’s unclear from the BBC reporting whether the banned marches went ahead after all and this was a reaction or whether all the firework-throwing came from the pictured group protesting about something the police aren’t aware of.

“There has been extensive public consultation and work behind the scenes to ensure Luton was not the chosen venue for any kind of march or protest but it would seem that for no apparent reason disorder has broken out in Bury Park.”

Here’s how  Luton Today is reporting it.  There were no other marches taking place on the day so it was just this ‘small, unrepresentative group’ of ‘Asians’.  Despite the best efforts of the press & police to somehow blame right-wing marchers for the violence when they weren’t even there now I’m not so confused.

According to the Daily Mail, this man, Sayful Islam,
‘used to be’ a moderate Muslim from Luton.  I wonder what he is now?

UPDATE:  Apparently he’s been …a prominent hardline activist in Luton for more than 5 years & living off job seeker’s allowance.  Islam said: “They have killed, maimed and raped thousands of innocent people. They can’t come here and parade where there is such a Muslim community.”  He was talking about soldiers of the Anglian Regiment – he doesn’t sound ‘moderate’ to me.

One of his equally moderate friends said: “I am outraged that these soldiers paraded through the streets. They are nothing more than hired mercenaries, war criminals, terrorists.  I was simply voicing my anger, in a lawful, peaceful way, against the Nazi British Army and the war. I do not regret that.”
 It’s a pity they’re British-born scum and can’t be deported.  We need a government with balls – one that can ‘think the unthinkable’.

H/t: Old Holborn

>A Mixed Bag Blog

>The NHS has been hitting the headlines for the past couple of weeks starting with the high rate of sickies from staff.  That was followed by the Patients’ Association report about  neglect & cruelty in the NHS and  government-produced tractor stats.

Today we find, not so much inequality as wrong-headed priorities, when one group of people are accorded  yuman rights innit while the NHS is faffing around with trendy liberal fringe concepts.

Police are given £12 a day for each inmate held at a police station, the Ministry of Justice has admitted. This is six times more than is given to primary schools to feed each child and more than the sum of £8.49 for a hospital patient and £2.69 for a soldier in Afghanistan.

So, while we’re rightly fretting about our frail and vulnerable hospitalised elderly dying of malnutrition we also find out that, in monetary terms, they actually get more than 3x pd than a soldier fighting in Helmand and prisoners get almost 5x as much.

One can only hope, however, that if Brown had braved the journey northwards from Bastion to Sangin (he didn’t), where British infantrymen are getting killed or wounded at a rate directly comparable to that of their predecessors in Western Europe in 1944, his media men would have first whitewashed the graffiti in the latrine third from the left on the northern wall.  “I dropped a Gordon” a rifleman has scrawled beside the seat.

It summarises accurately the feelings of the average British soldier in Helmand towards the Prime Minister.  More articulate, though lacking the same punch, was the officer in Helmand who said: “His (Brown’s) dislike of us is palpable. Why on earth are we, an organisation in which values like loyalty, integrity and trust still exist, destined to be directed by such a miserable, lying shower? We don’t deserve them.”

Three more things on the NHS:
One of its USPs is to be axed: Bottoms up.
Why don’t people just follow the diet? Mediterranean diet pill money-spinner for big Pharma Coys.
I see shedloads of taxpayers’ cash being thrown at this research: If RV doesn’t work for healthcare it could ‘benefit’ in a social context (which essentially means that surveillance cameras won’t be needed any more; but how could remote viewers benefit the watched any more than cctv already does?).
Oh, and when did ensuring patients were fed become outside the remit of being a nurse?   Surely, feeding a patient is an integral part of nursing and shouldn’t be left to an army of auxiliary staff (it reminds me of the function creep of PCSOs).

>By Hook Or By Crook


The UN globalists will get their way. From govt-sponsored incest/paedophilia in Germany 2007 and Body, Love, Doctor Games in Switzerland, 2008 to this in 2009:  Compulsory sex education in English schools

The United Nations’ education and cultural agency claims that primary school children must learn the facts of life as they “receive messages about their sexuality when they are very young”.

It recommends teaching pupils about their bodies and how they work before they can be “dangerously misinformed” by their friends.

Don’t think these events aren’t linked or that this latest attempt is more benign than the others.  It’s the way of govts at the moment to float ideas and await a reaction (or a backlash as there was in Germany and Switzerland) – in effect they’re weighing up what they think they can get away with.

The true perverts are those who look at the above clipart and see a victim and an abuser.  We’re being pushed and tested all the time and so far we, particularly the English, have been found wanting.  It’s time to say ‘No’ to this government.