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>It’s Official


The Sun says: Labour’s driving ambition has not been to improve Britain. It has been to retain power at all costs – with no lie judged too great in its ruthless and relentless self-promotion.


>Paxman interviewing Ed Miliband on Newsnight was worth seeing. If you missed it here’s the link to BBC iPlayer.

>The Sarah & Gordon Show


>Cameron Interview

>Nick Ferrari will be interviewing David Cameron for half an hour this morning on LBC 97.3fm, Sky 0124 or online and you can phone in to question him directly, 0845 60 60 973. The programme runs from 7am to 10am.
UPDATE: EU Referendum obviously heard it too and have blogged on Cameron’s response to a question from a listener about a British EU Referendum.

>Wordling Brown

>Wordle: Brown's Speech to Conference
Good old Gordon – click to enlarge.

>Just A Quickie

>Fuckity-fuck off Gordon Brown
The Labour Party’s let us down.
We’re mired in debt
You’ll never get
A sweeter fuck-off,
Gordon Brown.

>Brown’s Speech to Conference


4ozs of Nuttall’s Mintoes & a Sherbert Fountain to Grumpy Old Twat for designing this unique gift for Gordon.

Sarah made a ‘surprise guest introduction’ with a eulogy to Gordon  I’m glad to see she took my fashion advice and added a touch of orange to her wardrobe.  ‘My husband, my hero…’

Here we go…  the front seats are packed to the sounds of “Move on up…keep on pushing” and Brown’s overall message is to keep on pushing for “The World That Can Be”.

The speech lasted just over an hour and started, “You know, friends, it is the fighters and believers who change the world again.  We’ve charged changed the world before and we’re gonna charge change the world .”

“I’m sorry to say that by opposing all these measures, Conservative policy would callously & coldly return us to the lost generation and the Cardboard Cities.  We say never again – that’s the change we choose: the change that benefits the many, not the few.”

Here’s a complete list of Labour’s accomplishments according to Gordon, verbatim:

the Winter fuel allowance
the shortest NHS waiting times in history
crime down by a third
the creation of Sure-Start
the cancer-guarantee
record results in schools
more students than ever
the Disability Discrimination Act
civil partnerships
peace in Northern Ireland
the social chapter
half a million children out of poverty
maternity pay
paternity leave
child benefit at record levcels
the minimum wage
the ban on cluster bombs
the cancelling of debt
the trebling of aid
the first-ever climate change act

“That’s the Britain we’ve been building together, that’s the change we choose”.

Not exactly Gordon, only 23% of the electorate voted for your god-forsaken Party when Blair was Leader and you were coronated, aka parachuted in.  Only 23% of the electorate believed Blair then, and that gives me hope for now and the future.

I hope someone makes a video of that section because his arms were going left, right, centre and up his @rse.  I’ve never seen him so animated.

He went on to pay tribute to ” my constant friend and brilliant Deputy Leader, Harriet Harman”.  He praised her Equality Bill and managed to segue to the BNP – cue pursed lips and downward glance.

Alistair Darling was also singled out: “the best Chancellor the country ever had” (cue hesitant laughter from the hall) and he reinforced the limp joke by turning it back to himself by saying, “the press would probably report it as ‘Brown snubs Brown”.

It was just more of the same.   Repetitive, rhetorical and full of lying sh!t.  Of course ID cards aren’t compulsory –  they never were.  Blunkett said it years ago.  It isn’t compulsory, it’s coercion.  Brown announced a policy-change to a policy which doesn’t exist.  Click on the Surveillance State tag to find the record because I’m so hacked off about this.  It was known years ago and it’s only because it’s out here on the internet that they have to acknowledge small, non-harming leaks.  Will the Labour Party get rid of the NIR (National Identity Register)?.  Google NIR and you’ll get the bus timetables in Northern Ireland.

“Because the task is difficult the triumph will be even greater.”  Just a load of bollox soundbites for the News Channels.  They’ve been trying to change the world for 130yrs and I have to credit them with persistence

ENOUGH – Essentially the boxes were designed by Labour and have all been ticked in Brown’s speech. There wasn’t a topic he didn’t touch, from our AF to the NHS – apart from the European Union.

I can only reiterate Brown’s words:
“Our country faces the biggest choice for a generation so we need to fight.”
After that you’ll have to check out Churchillian speeches and Kipling’s poems for yourselves.
UPDATE: Full text