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BNP vote up by 50% in some ‘regions’


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>Ramblings: Sabotage -v- Politicking


What’s it called when someone apparently sabotages their own plans? Calling it ‘electoral suicide’ might be too strong and ‘shooting oneself in the foot’ doesn’t quite do it justice. How about ‘beating the electorate over the head with conflicting propositions and then sitting back and blaming everyone else when you can’t do what you said you would but you knew that would be the case all along’?

I think that just about sums up Cameron’s position on the EU but perhaps ‘sabotage’ isn’t the word, perhaps it’s been the art of politicking from the outset.

politic adj 1 said of a course of action: prudent; wise; shrewd. 2 said of a person: cunning; crafty. 3 old use political. See also body politic. verb (also politick) (politicked, politicking) intrans, derog to indulge in politics, especially to strike political bargains or to gain votes for oneself.

After looking at all the evidence M’Lud I submit that Mr ‘same destination; different path’ Cameron has always wanted Britain to be in the EU. Ted Heath begged our way into it (I wish he were alive today. Still, come the revolution we can always dig him up and hang his bones on a gibbet in Parliament Square), Thatcher discovered what it was all about and stood her ground as best she could, John ‘Maastricht’ Major didn’t.

The Trades Unions wanted to join the EU because they saw the EU as giving them more power –  they imagined an EU-wide strike of, eg, postal workers.  I bet they’ll be amongst the first on the bonfire of vanities.

The Labour Party, composed as it is of Fabians, ex-Marxists, ex-Trots, and advocates of Common Purpose & Agenda21, have always been sneaky International Socialist backdoor-dogs.  Some are useful idiots and the majority, Miliband, Brown, Balls, Straw et al, will find they are expendable.

Back to Cameron:  In less than twelve months we have gone from this, which was a holding position, to this, when his prevarications were noted by the msm, and this, which we knew would be the outcome. In fairness, he has always said, “If the Lisbon Treaty has not been ratified by all 27 countries by the time there is a Conservative government, we will hold a referendum.”  When pushed, the line has always been, “We will not let matters rest there.”

There was never any way on God’s earth that the Lisbon Treaty would not be fully ratified by all twenty-seven countries if/when the Conservatives formed a government next May and Cameron knew it, even as he wrote to Vaclav Klaus asking him to delay the Czech signing (nice try, Dave).

We can expect sudden and major changes in our Constitution to become self-evident – things done behind closed doors will come out into the open and why not?  After all, in the words of EU Leaders, this Treaty is the final treaty and the EU won’t need another: it is self-amending.  Cameron’s promise to put further treaties to the British people is hollow and he knows it.  He must know it because even I know it.  I think I’m right in saying that after Lisbon there’s only one way to go back and that’s to repeal the the 1972 European Communities Act.

That’s the Party I’ll vote for – the one that gives the British people a voice because I’m heartily sick of this damned stuff – look below at the Post of the Week from CharonQC or if you’re feeling more poetic and can stand being kicked in the solar plexus, read Philip Pullman’s powerful statement on the state of our country.

What will it take? When will GK Chesterton’s Silent People speak?

>Guy News: Hallowe’en Special


>Post Of The Week

>From Charon QC

Imagine a country where the right to trial by jury has been undermined, where an individual can be tried twice – the rule on double jeopardy abandoned – where well over 3000 new crimes have been enacted in the past ten years; where racial, sexuality and religious tensions are said to need the protection and might of law.

Imagine a country where the chief justice and many leading judges fear for the future of justice and civil liberties because the government of that country has eroded civil liberties in the name of countering terror and  has reduced support for those of limited means, and vulnerable people, to fight their corner and pay for lawyers.

Imagine a country where people are imprisoned without charge for 28 days (42 days was defeated).

Imagine a country where the right to speak freely is restricted and individuals can be threatened by lawyers who can simply telephone a judge in Chambers to restrict them from speaking out,  on what may well be a matter of great public importance,  to protect sectional and very private corporate interests, where attempts to restrict the reporting of the proceedings of the press are routinely granted through the use of super-injunctions and, latterly, a country with laws which allowed lawyers to attempt to restrict the reporting of proceedings in parliament itself.
Imagine a country that leads the world in CCTV surveillance with more cameras per head of population than any other on Earth.

Imagine a country where not only the police but local authorities and other civilian bodies can routinely spy on you, intercept your email, bug your phone and can intrude to examine your bank accounts and then, even for quite minor offences, can seize your assets, freeze your bank account and seize and crush your car; powers intended to tackle terror and organised crime but which now will, inevitably, be used for far less serious offences.

Imagine a country which has restricted the money paid to experienced criminal lawyers with the result that many lawyers can no longer afford to practice in the field and the quality of representation may decline as a result.

Imagine a country with over 85,000 people in jail, a country where the Justice Ministry wants yet more prisons and even considered hiring prison ships from elsewhere.

Imagine a country where the government uses the device of statutory instrument to slide controversial legislation through into law without the eyes of the public, expert commentators or members of parliament being able to see, or objective  minds,  to consider those laws.

Imagine a country that allows the prime minister to wage war without the consent of the elected representatives of the people…

You don’t need to imagine such a country.  You are living in it.

This doesn’t need added comment from me – pop over to his blog and read what else he has to say: Charon QC

>Sack Them From The Merry-go-round

>It’s no go the gravy-train, it’s no go the quangos
All we want is La Tricoteuse and a crate of rotten mangoes*

We taxpayers are an amiable lot aren’t we? In fact, it could we said that we’re generous to a fault.

This smiling, silk-tied piece of work is Professor David Eastwood.  He is now Vice-Chancellor of Birmingham University but when he was the former CE of the Higher Education Funding Council we paid, amongst other things, his £900+ pa membership of the ultra-grand Athenaeum Club in Pall Mall.  It’s so exclusive that you and I probably wouldn’t qualify for shoe-shine boy.

And there’s more! Twenty-four of Britain’s biggest quangos have taken almost £1million exes in the last three years including tens of thousands of pounds on taxis, flights and hotels & thousands more on alcohol.

As the Taxpayers’ Alliance reported last week Britain has 1,152 quangos costing £90billion a year. The twenty-four quangos surveyed represent just 2% of the total.

Some time ago David Cameron promised a ‘culling of the quangos’.  I wonder how those plans are progressing and whether he will investigate gongos as well?  Gongo stands for Government-operated Non-governmental organization,  set up by governments to look like NGOs in order to qualify for outside aid. Often, gongos are set up by undemocratic governments to create confusion when NGOs ‘seek to promote democracy’.

Article on quango expenses here.

Lord Rosser: Former Trades Unionists are no different.

*Apologies for abusing Louis MacNeice: Bagpipe Music

>Hey Mo! Whaddya Know?


The self-proclaimed last hope for free speech & democracy in Britain, Anjem Choudary, has ‘re-located’ the London March4Sharia event today.

In the last two weeks there has been overwhelming support from the Muslim community, in relation to the March4Shariah campaign; furthermore, articles displayed on the Islam4UK website illustrating examples of what could happen to iconic landmarks under the Shariah in Britain, proved extremely popular and moreover created a great deal of awareness about the Islamic Shari’ah.

Unfortunately, in the run up to the planned event, it had also become apparent that certain right-wing/anti-Islamic organisations had become intent on preventing the march from going ahead, using threats of physical violence, including bomb and death threats to any member of the Muslim community who happened to attend the march…

…However, we would also like to announce that the relocation of the March4Shariah/Islamic Roadshow will take place on 31st October 2009.

This event will be at an undisclosed location, however if any member of the public would like to attend or enquire about it they are advised to contact Anjem Choudary, UK Head of Al-Muhajiroun and Principal Lecturer at the London School of Shariah on: 07956 600 569.

It’s time for this vicious mediaeval toerag and his violent fellow jihadists to have British citizenships revoked,  British passports confiscated, and kicked out of the country post haste.  After all, aren’t they exactly the type of group our anti-terror laws and surveillance state are intended to combat?

(Click to enlarge)

“…verily the authority of my Ummah will reach all parts of the earth.”  Right – and as it says in the Good Book*:  my @rse.

*1066 And All That (definitely ‘a good thing’).