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>A Little Light Relief

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Sir Wilfred Thesiger
Dame Freya Stark
The Singing Sands
The Empty Quarter

>More British Hostages


Oh fhs. More hostages for the Iranians. WTF is this government doing about it?  The ‘bright’ spot is that they’re numpty civilians and not RN. Let’s hope they’re returned unharmed asap.

>New Powers for Scotland – Where’s the Catch?


Jim Murphy
I purposely haven’t posted on the UK government Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy’s announcement, made earlier this week, of ‘new powers’ for Scotland, because I saw no need. It was a move to achieve headlines, nothing more and nothing less. It is not going to happen because labour will not win the election and the Scots won’t be so blatantly bribed.
‘Scotland will be given greater tax-raising powers under the biggest shake-up in the nation’s finances for 30 years’ reported Reuters and the MSM splurged similar headlines over their front pages. Sounds too good to be true that Jim Murphy would agree to implement the recommendations of the Calman Commission doesn’t it? Of course it is.
Firstly there is consensus in the Scottish Parliament that Scotland should have control over its speed limits, drink driving laws and air gun law, but Westminster refuse to hand over any powers until after the general election. The Scottish government has made it clear that it is ready to legislate where agreement exists and has now laid out a timetable but it is the UK government which is stalling the process.
Commenting on the UK government’s proposals to transfer certain tax raising and borrowing power, Pete Wishart MP stated: “The Calman Commission’s own experts have described these flawed tax proposals as ‘worse than undesirable, they are unworkable’.
“The SNP government is seeking full fiscal autonomy and with that full responsibility for Scotland’s finances. Anything less risks being a messy fudge which will damage the Scottish economy in the long term.”
The catch? None of the terms of the announcement will be implemented until after the general election. What if labour lose the general election? There’s the catch. In that case will the Tories implement the Calman recommendations? No. David Cameron has already stated he would not consider constitutional change in the next parliament and that would mean until 2015 at the earliest.
Scotland doesn’t need flawed tax raising powers which will tie it to England even more. We need full fiscal control. What other country is unable to raise and spend its own taxes and have full fiscal control?

>Warsi With Eggs


Conservative peer Baroness Warsi of Dewsbury, named Britain’s most powerful Muslim woman, has been pelted with eggs during a visit to Luton. The male protesters accused her of not being a proper Muslim and supporting the death of Muslims in Afghanistan.

“They just weren’t prepared to listen. They shouted. I said if you want to have this debate, listen.” She continued her walkabout with a police escort.

Apparently, Baroness Warsi isn’t welcome in Luton. So, if ‘moderate’ Muslims in government aren’t welcome in Luton, what hope is there for anyone else? Notice the chap who asks where she stands on Shari’a law. Notice that it’s only ‘male protesters’ so perhaps their wives were at home giving birth?.  Who says there are no no-go areas? I hope the Baroness was shocked and horrified at being hit by “at least one egg” but I have the sinking feeling that her answer will be more ‘outreach’ and more funding.

Link to BBC report & video
PS: John Denham, “Government has neglected white working class”. It really is too late.

>Happy St Andrew’s Day

>A very happy St Andrew’s Day to any Scottish readers who drop by today:

>Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush


Interesting reading for a Sunday afternoon: Alan Watts has an analysis of a 1929 article by Lord Birkenhead. which is worth reading in full.  It ties in with Frankfurt/Fabians, science, eugenics, manipulation and subversion and takes my morning post one step further.

An excerpt:

Today, people are so overwhelmed with the amount of information and disinformation and just sheer data. They don’t know what to make of it all. They often end up in a bigger confusion than the one they started with, chasing rainbows, false leads and trying to make sense. The human mind, each individual, has a logic which depends upon incoming data

When you can understand this concept, you can also interfere with it if you have power. You can encourage each individual at the bottom level to be completely concerned with their immediate environment. –Their little area. –Their homes, their area, the people around them, their town. Everything they need immediately for day-to-day survival, you encourage that and you can cut them off from bigger realities beyond, by either giving them false data concerning the big picture of the world in general or even their country. You simply withhold data and encourage the trivia…

…That’s how power really is. It doesn’t share itself. It gives you an illusion occasionally of having choices, but in reality all of your decisions were made a long time ago with “your betters.” You know those people who are your betters, because “we have better genes than you,” you see.  They’re good genes, better ones, old genes that are mated up with other good genes. These genes last a long while before they wear out, obviously, and they’re still here today, as they mate each other up and marry their power and add to power and money; and, of course, the psychopathic trait of the gene that they have is passed on to their offspring. They’re not as silly as people would like to make out. They have a natural instinct for power and control and dominating others, sometimes with the most pleasant faces—another gift of the psychopath. Always depending on the fact that ordinary normal people with empathy, with consciences will believe them, whatever they say. They cannot believe (the ordinary people with empathy) that there are such evil cruel people who would do the most horrific things to not just us, but anyone across the planet—because the end justifies the means, and they sleep well at night. That’s why they get away with it. They start wars. They’ll continue wars. They profit from wars.

The structure of society is held together by natural laws, which are well understood and exploited by those that know the sciences. Formulas that worked thousands of years ago are RE-applied in the same sequence, always with the same results with the populations. We believe what we’re told. We do what we’re told and then we look towards these benefactors at the top, these superior people to take care of us. Many people like it that way when they’re reared in this socialistic system of expert rule, scientific rule. We have no time to go and play while these weighty decisions are all made for us by the superior ones above us. We’re well managed and dictated to, from cradle to grave, and it’s getting worse all the time as each department above us of bureaucracy shows their teeth and shows their power with more and more powers being demanded over the public.

This is a battle for the heart and soul and the mind, and the right to decide a future for ourselves. Where do you stand on this?

From a review of Birkenhead’s book from which the Cosmopolitan article was taken:

Reading ‘The World in 2030’ the knowledge that Birkenhead was drinking himself to death whilst writing comes as little surprise. It is an extraordinary work, displaying the occasional prescience of the unhinged. Amongst a very odd collection of statements about ectogenesis, the unlikelihood of future wars due to trans-national integration, scientific relativism, and the creation of a Florida-style ‘playground for all Europe’ in the basin of the Sahara, there is the bald announcement that atomic energy will be harnessed, that eugenics will be commonplace and the genes mapped, and that a ‘mad dictator, jealous of Western progress, may precipitate a war, which will finally burn up and destroy Western civilisation’. Best of all, advances in television will mean that a busy Englishman will be able to follow ‘an Australian test-match’.

Well he may have been ‘drinking himself to death’ but Birkenhead seems to have been strangely prescient.  Why is our msm so quiet? Here’s more information about our ‘Brave New World’:

With thanks for the video to Cap’n Ranty who also has an excellent post, ‘Theft Report’, about imminent changes to our way of life. Many of us have blogged on these issues before, warning that we must wake up and *do* something; now it’s all but too late. When the effects are noticed – will people wake up then?

>Griffin To Attend Copenhagen

>I’ve lifted this video of Nick Griffin giving a short speech on climate change to the EP from The Daily Politics.  Griffin has stepped into the ground deserted by Cameron & Co; good for him but still they shun him.