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>What Has Europe Done For Us


A cut-and-paste job I’m afraid, gathered from Open Europe. The graphic to the left isn’t part of a rorsasch test but if it were it would be a galloping horse.

Quote of the fortnight: “The European institutional public sphere is largely a public discourse for elites, it is a sphere in which citizens remain uninvolved. This has in turn contributed to the EU’s democratic deficit… efforts must also be made to improving the EU’s transparency – particularly its financial and accounting processes – and to reducing bureaucracy by taking subsidiarity seriously.”
The Right Reverend Christopher Hill, Bishop of Guildford, in a report by the Church of England’s House of Bishops’ Europe Panel, 15 January 2010

1. MEPs vote to increase their allowances by €1,500 a month
MEPs on the European Parliament’s Budget Committee voted on Wednesday in favour of increasing MEPs’ allowances for hiring assistants by €1,500 a month. They are claiming that the additional cash is needed to help them deal with the new powers awarded to the European Parliament under the Lisbon Treaty. They also voted to hire an extra 150 staff to help with their increased workload.

This latest increase in MEPs’ allowances will cost EU taxpayers an additional €13.3 million, and increase the European Parliament’s budget to €1.6 billion this year. In total, MEPs already have around £360,000 available to them in salaries, and various allowances and expenses.

In response to the vote, European Voice Deputy Editor Tim King wrote an article arguing, “For 40 years, a near-secret agreement has governed how the three main institutions of the European Union divide up administrative spending…Forty years on, it is obvious to many outside observers that the Parliament has more money than it knows what to do with.”

Separately the EP’s Budgetary Control Committee published a document detailing the EP’s budget in 2008/09, which reveals that the Parliament lost 54,000 sick days in 2008. It also reveals that the Parliament spent €2.3 million renovating its sports centre, €4.3million on a new visitor centre, despite the fact that it already has one, and hundreds of thousands of pounds on gas-guzzling luxury cars which emit as much as 260 CO2 g/km. It also shows that the cost of repairing the ceiling in the European Parliament’s second seat in Strasbourg was €8.8 million.

2. EU opens 54 embassies across the world as Lisbon Treaty comes into force; EU desperate to set up new diplomatic service before UK election
54 EU embassies have opened across the world since the Lisbon Treaty came into force in December 2009, without any public announcement. Embassies in Beijing, Kabul and Addis Ababa, the seat of the African Union, will be headed by ambassadors who are empowered to speak on behalf of the whole EU.

The new embassies will co-ordinate member states’ bilateral missions to the countries in question and have a mandate to carry out consular work, with an EU official saying that the EU embassies “are going to be a bit more political” than the European Commission delegations that they replaced.

Controversially, the Lisbon Treaty allows the EU to determine rules on diplomatic and consular protection by qualified majority vote, meaning that Britain can now be overruled on crucial diplomatic matters, such as on how to respond to human rights abuses in a conflict-ridden country.

There are fears that, with the EU embassies increasingly duplicating the work of national missions, member states may close their own embassies in order to save money.

Meanwhile, EU Foreign Minister Catherine Ashton has called on a group of advisors to help her with the establishment of the EU’s new diplomatic service, the European External Action Service (EEAS), also brought in under the Lisbon Treaty. Some members of Ashton’s team believe that negotiations will become bogged down if the Conservative Party wins the UK’s General Election, likely to be held in May, and are therefore urging that the EEAS be fully established before then.

This tight deadline has given the European Commission more power over the formation of the new service, at the expense of national governments, with an internal Commission working group set up by Commission President Barroso already at work preparing documents for Ashton’s group of advisors to ‘rubber stamp’.

3. Greek deficit endangers eurozone
As Greece’s economic difficulties continue, fears of a eurozone break-up have reached the point where the European Central Bank has issued a legal analysis of what would happen if a country tried to leave monetary union. The analysis argued that eurozone exit would also entail expulsion from the European Union.

Meanwhile, a leaked European Commission paper argued that soaring public deficits in eurozone countries such as Greece are a “matter of serious concern for the eurozone as a whole” which “can weaken confidence in the euro and endanger the cohesion of the monetary union”.

There are widespread reports that France and Germany are drawing up plans for bailing out Greece. This has been denied by the French and the German governments, with Germany’s Economy Minister Rainer Brüderle saying that there would be “no bail-outs” for struggling debtors.

However other EU leaders have indicated that Greece would in fact receive financial support if it faced the risk of a default, with high-level EU officials saying Greece would, in the last resort, receive emergency support in one form or another.

The EU treaties prohibit national governments from taking on the financial commitments of other member states (such as assisting in closing another member state’s budget deficit). However, given the political prestige that is associated with the euro, EU leaders will probably find a way to bail out Greece rather than allowing the country default on its debts – a default that would have devastating consequences for the eurozone as a whole.

Should a bail-out take place, the EU will take a massive step towards a common economic policy, since taxpayers in one country would then effectively be liable for the failures and mistakes of a government in another country (over which they have no democratic control). Such a step is likely to further frustrate European citizens already fed up with the pace of EU integration – particularly in Germany, whose taxpayers are likely to shoulder most of the burden. A June 2009 poll commissioned by Open Europe showed that 71% of Germans are against using taxpayers’ money to bail out another EU country.

But, as we’ve been reminded again and again, the EU is very good at both breaking its own rules and ignoring public opinion.

4. News in brief
Councils spend £5 million a year to maintain offices in Brussels. Almost all councils and development agencies in England and Wales, as well as the Local Government Associations, now have offices and permanent staff representing them in Brussels. Their operations, which have run for two decades, cost taxpayers at least £5million a year in staff and office costs alone, excluding trips to Brussels for meetings each year. The biggest spender is the Welsh Assembly, which employs 10 staff in Brussels at a cost of £880,000 a year.

Commission floats ideas for EU-wide driving laws. The European Commission has proposed ideas for drawing up EU-wide driving laws in a new “green” campaign on motorists, as part of its Action Plan on Urban Mobility. Measures being considered include a barrage of new maximum speed limits in towns and cities. British motorists could also be forced to undertake exams in “environmentally-friendly” road skills as part of an EU-wide overhaul of driving tests. Many heavy polluting vehicles could also face restricted access to newly-declared “green zones” in urban centres.

Commission plans to end UK opt-out from 48-hour week could cost £12bn a year. The new European Commission, due to take office on 10 February, is planning to revise the EU’s Working Time Directive, which could lead to the UK losing its ability to opt-out of the 48-hour maximum working week. Open Europe research has found that the cost of the Directive to the UK economy currently stands at between £3.4 and £3.9 billion a year, and would rise to up to £12 billion a year if the opt-out were lost.

Labour and Lib Dems thwart attempt to introduce “referendum lock” on future EU treaties. The Conservatives unsuccessfully tried to make an amendment to the Government’s Constitutional Reform Bill on 19 January, which would have meant that any future Treaty transferring power to the EU be subject to a referendum. The amendment was defeated by 303 votes to 183.

5,000 Britons face eviction from homes after Court upholds ECJ ruling. The UK Court of Appeal has upheld a European Court of Justice ruling saying that a British couple in Northern Cyprus must surrender their land to its original owner Meletios Apostolides, a displaced Greek Cypriot who fled the North during the Turkish invasion. The decision has implications for around 5,000 Britons with homes on the island.

>Guy News


>Gordon Brown To Be Outsourced

>Following hot on the heels of the recent news about Obama it appears, as with almost all trends, that the UK is about to follow suit. This report from the Times Online website. . .

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>FMQs, Scottish Parliament, 28 January 2010


Because I have a very heavy date with a pack of cards tonight, young Tris at Munguin’s Republic has kindly posted on today’s FMQs.

>Bloggers Bollox Barmpots


That’s right, Raj, think about what you did.
Bloggers, eh?
Individually, we whisper. When we unite, we roar.
Andrew Neil wrote a wonderful piece a couple of days ago.  He talks about the power of the bloggers to shift public thinking and I have witnessed this first-hand on a range of issues so I know he is right on the money.
Between us, we destroyed a myth. Like terriers with a bone, we wouldn’t let go. We have to keep doing this. We have to hold them to account for the bile they vomit out on a largely unsuspecting and uncritical audience. No longer will we tolerate the “appeal to higher learning”. Although in this case, Pachauri, bless ‘im, is an ex-railway engineer. Back in the day, if a doctor or scientist said a thing, our belief was instant. No more. If they tell you that rain falls from the sky, double-check. Question everything, and believe no-one. Better yet, follow the money. That will tell you all you need to know about the scare de jour.
Do read the whole thing, but in the meantime, just to whet your appetite:
“The bloggers, too easily dismissed in the past, have set the pace with some real scoops — and some of the mainstream media is now rushing to catch up.
The sceptics may be about to get their first scalp. Rajendra Pachauri, the IPCC chairman often wrongly described in the media as the world’s leading climate scientist (he’s actually a railway engineer), at first attacked those who questioned the IPCC’s alarming glacier prediction as “arrogant” and believers in “voodoo science”.

He’s since had to retract the prediction but can’t quite manage an apology — and is now under mounting pressure in his Indian homeland to resign.”
“We told you so” doesn’t quite do it for me. I want ALL the money back that we wasted on these freaks. I want them all gaoled for shouting “FIRE!” in a crowded theatre.
If we don’t punish them, they’ll just do it again.

>Why The Left Have Deliberately Degraded Our Society

>I am hoping that GV will forgive this transgression. The following piece is a guest post by a regular reader of my blog (and probably GV’s as well) and since I am a guest blogger here, and Marcellus is my guest blogger, it may well be the first guest guest post.

This then, is an utterly brilliant essay from Marcellus.

Here is a story that the Mainstream Media do not wish to cover

People have completely misunderstood the Left.

The Left do not want to improve society or make things work better. On the contrary, they actively want to degrade the conditions of life to create chaos, dissatisfaction and hopefully disintegration so they can impose a “new society”.

This “new society” means the State having uncontrolled power over the individual.

To this end our society has been intentionally changed, corrupted and degraded by the Left.

By their total control of broadcasting the Left has been presented as morally superior. How silly, when in fact the Left is a totally malign force. What wonderful words they spoke; but they never believed them. Their activities are characterised by shameless deceit and corruption, and systematic lying.

Because of the total control of broadcasting by the Left, very few people have realised that a long, subtle campaign has been conducted against our society and way of life by the Left who have wanted to change this society irreversibly to their own structures against the wishes of the people. This campaign is called the Project.

After the failure of the miner’s strike in the mid 1980s, the Left decided that English society was too strong, and too cohesive with traditions that were too deep. They realised that the people were too content for the Left to succeed with a forcible revolution to impose their new society on us. That is why they spit out the name “Thatcher” with so much hate – because for a short while she thwarted their plans.

The Left never went away however, they simply changed tack. They went into normal jobs, such as the media – particularly broadcasting – and as opinion-formers and columnists in the print MSM. They decided to play a long game and undermine society from within so it would decay, and then they could move to impose their “new society”. They never ever give up.

In short, the English had to be made less content and comfortable.

So although the Left have always talked the language of fairness, compassion, social justice and improving conditions for the under privileged, they were NEVER interested in making our institutions work or improving the living conditions of the people. That was the very last thing they wanted. They wanted more and more discontent. They emphasised every division and grievance in society and created new ones all the time, not to cure them but to create more and more discontent and division to corrode our society. They set group against group, fanning resentments. They promoted anything that weakened society. Now they emphasise and enhance ethnic divisions. They always divide, never heal. They destroy, never build.

I am not talking here about the enormous number of naïve, leftish people who consider themselves “better than” and like to wear a “Left” T-shirt because they are duped into believing the deceitful rhetoric of justice, equality and so on (“useful fools” as Stalin is reputed to have called them), but the leaders of the Left (in both the Labour Party and the LibDems), who are really wicked people and who will do anything to undermine the present order to impose the “new society” that their hard Left lecturers fired them up with at college during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Common Purpose is one of their main tools of quiet undermining, contamination and corrosion.

Do not underestimate this organisation.

In the early 1980s the Left was very much against the EEC (as was) as they thought that it would stop their intentions of being able to impose their views on the rest of us. Blair’s election address during the 1980s showed he was very much against the EEC. But then they realised that actually the hidden intention of the EEC – to destroy the existing societies of member states – was rather similar to their own, and so they abruptly changed in the mid 1980s and became true EEC believers. The federal European project therefore became their project. Anyone then against any part of the federal European project had to be silenced by the Left controlled media and was labelled mad and mentally ill.

All the dirty tricks of EEC, later the EU, to undermine our society were then added to their own dirty tricks to achieve the same aim.

Their first aim was to take over the broadcast news programmes. They (including Mandelson) succeeded in doing this spectacularly well and from then on these programmes were used ruthlessly to promote the Project.

● Every tradition, every national icon, in fact all the glue that bound our society so happily had to be undermined.

● Decent responsible people had to be discouraged from taking any action.

● The confidence of the individual had to be shaken. Uncertainty and fear was deliberately created by the introduction of unreasonable rules and unfair enforcement.

● By means of a target culture, all public services were corrupted and made to serve Labour’s PR needs and not the people.

● All institutions had to be “modernised” even though they worked fine, to tear away all traditions and roots.

● All patriotism, all pride in our country, all positive role models from the past, all our history, customs and traditions were sneered at and degraded so no-one could speak of them in a positive way.

“To destroy a people you must first sever their roots.”

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

There was a completely successful secret campaign to undermine our society, our culture, our institutions, our traditions. Peter Hitchens, himself a former communist, is well aware of the inside story here and of this campaign, and has written about it recently in a piece on ConHome.

This culminated in the audacious plan to even change the people of England who were so awkward. The aim was to deliberately destroy social cohesion – at whatever cost in human misery. Nothing less than cultural genocide. “The Final Solution to the English Problem”. Together with the support of the EU – who have the same aim – they embarked on a massive immigration plan using on the one hand the decency and tolerance of the English people and on the other hand their control of the broadcast media to brand anyone who objected as a racist. It was brilliant and supremely successful.

Interesting that both Labour and the LibDems reject any cap on immigration and that the LibDems have even called for an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The strength of our society has always been its social cohesion and with this we have seen off all invasions for over 1000 years. This social cohesion has now been broken. Deliberately.

As the next stage in the imposition of the “new society” (the “post democratic age” as Mandelson calls it) our hard won civil liberties have been systematically and deliberately dismantled – to increase the power of the State.

The planning for the Project has been meticulous and detailed. Each stage, or click of the ratchet, has been kept very small so that it is not frightening on its own, and always some fake high principled reason is given for it – but cumulatively the increase in the uncontrolled power of the State over the individual has been colossal. Hitler used the same technique in the early 1930s.

This country is facing the most dangerous situation since 1940 and the job of the Labour controlled broadcast media is to send the people to sleep and stop them realising. Doing it very well too.

Brown’s work whilst in power for 13 years has not been to improve the conditions of the poor who trusted his lies and sweet words (apart from doing enough to stay in power), but to facilitate the imposition of this “new society”.

In this Brown has been a great success, as he has caused the most amazing and possibly irreparable damage, corruption and corrosion in every aspect of our society and in the lives of the people of this country – all done to impose the Project on the English. As the pictures of that time show, he has never smiled so widely as the day he nationalised the Banks; that for once was a genuine smile.

He has blighted the lives of countless millions of his own countrymen, simply to advance his own obsessions and interests.

Brown has been at the heart of this work, and he is a truly evil man.

Labour would not have survived nor would the Project have achieved all it has done in undermining our society, without the Left being able to control broadcasting.

This has only been done because the key people who control broadcasting have been part of the Project. They have planted their supporters in every position of power within all the news and current affairs programmes (and that is to say nothing about the subliminal messages given out in every soap and drama programme). These people must be removed from all positions of power and influence within broadcasting.

The only hope for democracy in this country is to destroy the Left’s stranglehold on broadcasting.

This power has enabled them to corrupt our whole constitution.

If that control is left intact, there is no hope.

After a busy, tiring day’s work, people are very relaxed when they watch the TV and so when they hear the drip, drip, drip of Left opinions, agenda manipulation and misinformation they are in what amounts to a light trance. This means the message of the programme is absorbed (and accepted) easier. A gentle brainwashing. Therapeutic hypnotism is really only different in the degree of trance. This is a mighty power in the hands of anyone.

It is not acceptable in a modern, information-based democracy that a few unaccountable, unrepresentative, unelected, self-appointed placemen are allowed to control the most awesome, influential, mind-bending power in the history of mankind. What are we thinking of, to allow such a situation to continue? There can be no genuine and free democracy while this continues.

They control virtually all the political information that probably 85% of people get; what is mentioned and how it is presented. They can manipulate it how they wish; and do so ruthlessly.

The astonishing power of broadcasting to influence political opinion is something completely new to our constitution and democracy. Constitutional checks and balances developed over centuries are routinely sidestepped by this new phenomenon and have been rendered useless.

Broadcasting is now part of the political process, whether the broadcasters like it or not.

There is no democratic legitimacy authorising the people who currently control broadcasting and our information, to continue to do so. They have simply been appointed by people who themselves were appointed . . . and so on.

If the Left’s control of broadcasting is not destroyed, the broadcasters will destroy Cameron – however large his majority – and then the Left will be back again.

The first aim of our resistance to this process is therefore to destroy completely the monopoly power of Labour over broadcast news programmes. Remember, there is no democratic control over these programmes – we get what they allow us to have. This must change.

Control broadcasting, control the minds.

Control the minds, control the country.

Therefore the key battleground of the fight against the Left is now over who controls broadcasting. They know that – but the non-Left do not really understand it.

If the Left loses their monopoly over broadcasting – we have a chance. If not, then our society is lost.

One way of doing this is to open up the broadcasting infrastructure (like BT) to many, many news providers. This is an extension of localism. There is much more that can also be done.
It is not that it cannot be done, it is merely that there has not so far been the political will to do it.

However it is done, it must be done.


>Ferrari F1


I know GV is a big fan of motorsports, F1 in particular, and with a certain ex-ferrari driver making a return for the new season I thought that I’d dig this image out of the G.O.T archives . . .

Says it all really 😉