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>Sunday Reflection


>Cameron Speech To Conference + Videos

>Note: updating live

Cameron’s speech is only five minutes in but he’s come out fighting, passionate and without notes. “The British public does not hand out election victories on a plate – quite rightly too.”

He goes on to contrast the stability of the Shadow Cabinet with the “chop & change” length of tenure of Labour Ministers.
Labour “locked in a dangerous dance of death.”

The British people have many questions: First of all, what sort of Party are we?
The Party of the NHS; the environmental Party; Green, black, muslim – Nick Griffin “ghastly piece of filth”. More than sixty women MPs if elected.

Tolerant, compassionate, brilliant, multiracial country. We are ready to serve you. This Conservative Party has made it’s choice and it’s never going back.

People power not state power. Aspiration and opportunity for all. Giving people more power & control over their lives.

The economy: Brown thinks he’s the ‘economy man’ wants people to think he’s an economic genius. What sort of genius is it that wrecks the pension system, complicates the tax system, we will tear his economic record apart, piece by piece.

Embraced the salesman tag – a salesman will be needed to get the message out to the world that the country is open for business again.

Not just a stronger economy but a stronger and richer society. Will have the most family-friendly Party manifesto in political history. The culture of advertising to children must change too – no more trashing family values.

Radical in reforming schools and the welfare system. Teach children British history. If you need benefit support you will get it; if you need work we will help you. If you can work but choose not to, you cannot go on claiming benefit as before. Britain’s pensioners have been told by Party after Party that pensions will be linked to earnings rather than prices but we can look them in the eye and say we will do it. That’s a promise.

Put the govt on a diet. Cut House of Commons, freeze Ministers’ pay after cutting it 5%. Regional Development agencies – the whole lot is going.

Immigration is too high and will be cut.

Need to be frank and radical. The country needs a sense of optimism. Being a citizen of Britain is more than just paying taxes but being part of something bigger than yourself. We have the leadership, the values

Every day Brown is running this country is another grey day for Britain.

He finished on a rousing-the-troops style high note.
No doubt about it, he comes across better than Brown, Darling, Balls & Co. A bit of a curate’s egg of a speech – not enough on the EU (his remarks on RDAs received the loudest cheers) or on immigration, simply asking us to trust him. Good on the economy/welfare system/education. There was a gratuitous reference to Nick Griffin – completely irrelevant in the context of his speech. *Sigh*. I’ll post the full transcript and any videos as soon as possible but in the meantime I’m going to sit back with a cup of tea and watch the media trash it.

UPDATE: This is what the BBC is showing at the moment as well as giving plenty of airtime to Yvette Cooper to set out Labour’s ‘policies’:

From ITV, on reforming the House of Commons and cleaning up politics:

The Mail on Sunday has the most comprehensive account of the speech so far – complete with pics of demonstrating socialist worker scum that will remind you of the old days. All that’s missing are the police horses. They sat on their backsides and let this government systematically and deliberately destroy the country, only getting off them to confront the BNP. I’d put them on the first boat out of here.

>Sunday Round-up


Just the headlines this week:
Islamic radicals infiltrate the Labour Party
Tories caught up in new immigration storm
Shamed MPs can return to the House of Commons
MPs junket expenses cut after Labour politicians’ champagne drinking contest in Paris
Budget 2010: Drinkers face rise in spirits duty
Police terror budget cut by millions after Ring of Steel blunder
Terrorists could hijack new meters to cause blackouts
…Baroness Bungle and a £45bn negation of democracy
Detectives trawl DNA database 60 times a year – hunting for criminals’ relatives
Blair’s GMTV favourite … lined up for Hoon’s seat
Official British history of the Falklands War is considered too pro-Argentina
Argentinian veterans plan protests at Falklands oil rig

To turn Brown’s words back on him:‘When are you going to f/cking go?’

>No, No, No, No, No

>’Emotional’ and ‘passionate’ do not equal strength of character and decisiveness. What they mean is mood swings, unpredictable outbursts, and verbal bullying from a man who will brook no challenge to his divine right to be PM. A man with a supreme ego who surrounds himself with a tight clique of poisonous spin doctors ready to brief against his own colleagues if they don’t toe his line is a tyranical bully.

Brown is on course to remain prime minister after the general election as a new Sunday Times poll reveals that Labour is now just two points behind the Tories.

I can understand why the Conservative lead is failing to firm up at the moment but not why Labour is closing the gap. Where are the ‘others’? Where are UKIP and the BNP?

Link to video and transcript of corroborating allegations from Stewart Wood, SpAd
‘Brutal’, ‘thrived on a very destructive way of doing politics’. A leader leads from the front by example so anyone thinking of voting for this man and his Party should take another look at his Cabinet and the Whips. Take another look at a bullied and cowed country and see how a fish rots from the head down. It’s time to say ‘No More’ and at the GE comprehensively kick their butts from here to kingdom come.

Wood – close to Mandelson


>The Food We Eat…

>… and the goods we import – funny video with a serious message:

Pinched, with thanks, from Fausty

>Hague & Osborne: Spring Conference

>Here’s a short extract with the main points of Hague’s speech, full transcript here

Wordle: Hague's speech to Conference

  • We will cut the spending that cannot go on and the borrowing that leads to ruin.
  • We will help the hard-pressed taxpayer, by freezing council tax for two years, abolishing stamp duty for most first time buyers, and helping small businesses.
  • If we can, we will spare millions of working people Labour’s extra tax on jobs due next year.
  • We will create a culture of saving instead of a culture of debt, helping people to stay in the home they worked all their lives to pay for, and removing millions of middle-income people from the inheritance tax they should never have been expected to pay.
  • We will reform welfare, create more apprenticeships, make sure new regulations mean the end of old ones, fund more university places this year and scrap a large slice of expensive quangos. 
  • We will make Britain the most family friendly country in Europe.
  • We’ll back the NHS, which matters more to families than anything else.
  • We will strengthen communities by the biggest transfer of power this country has ever seen to councils and communities to decide on what is built, what is spent, what is saved and what is preserved in their city, town and village.
  • We will bring to education the galvanising effect of new schools in the state sector but not run by the state and a long overdue emphasis on discipline and standards for all.
  • We will give our public sector workers the biggest opportunity they have ever had to run things themselves, as they know best.
  • Where Labour have refused to control immigration we will properly control it.
  • Where they betrayed democracy by refusing a referendum we will build a referendum whenever the powers of the voters are given away into our law.
  • Where they have presided over the greatest disillusionment with politics and government in centuries we will reduce our own salaries as ministers, cut the size and cost of parliament, make the House of Commons more democratic let everyone see how their taxpayers’ money is spent – and demonstrate that people can have faith in their leaders again.

Extract from a terrific, well-received speech from Osborne:
Wordle: Osborne's speech to Conference

So we have a plan of action.

  • Within days of coming to office I will create an independent Office for Budget Responsibility.
  • No more hiding PFI and pension liabilities off the balance sheet.
  • No more dodgy growth forecasts.
  • No more fiddled Treasury figures.
  • That’s our pledge.

  • For the first time, taxpayers will have a proper, independent set of the nation’s accounts.
  • Within 50 days of coming to office we will hold an emergency budget.  This will set out overall spending levels. And it will include measures that will make a start this year in reducing the deficit.
  • I have set out in more detail than any Shadow Chancellor before me examples of the spending decisions we will take.
  • We will impose a cap of £50,000 on the highest public sector pensions.
  • We will freeze for one year public sector pay, but not for the lowest paid million.
  • We will stop handing out tax credits to people earning more than £50,000 and cut child trust funds for the better off.
  • We will have a review to bring forward the rise in the pension age so that in our ageing society our children are not left to pay off the debts of their parents.
  • We will lead by example by cutting the House of Commons by 10% and cut the salaries and perks of Ministers.
  • And we will – with international agreement – introduce a new bank tax to stop ordinary taxpayers underwriting the risks taken by super rich bankers.

All this, I have made clear because I wanted people to see that there are politicians who prepared to take difficult decisions

And I want people to know that we are all in this together.

So David Cameron’s Conservative Party will not cut pension credits or winter fuel payments or free TV licenses and bus passes.

The pension age changes we make mean David Cameron’s Conservative Party can afford a more generous state pension.

David Cameron’s Conservative Party will not cut the NHS budget.

David Cameron and the Conservative Party will not balance the budget on the backs of the poorest.

What Philip and I will do is cut the chronic waste, the quangos and the tiers of bureaucracy that hold our public services back.

Because we must rebalance the British economy away from an unsustainable reliance on excessive debt and a bloated government, and towards the small businesses, the wealth-creating entrepreneurs and innovation of the British people on whom this nation’s future depends.

Full transcript here

Meanwhile, on the BBC/Sky/ITV/radio news, a footballer has apparently refused to shake the hand of another footballer.

>Play ‘The Forces Of Hell’


I have no comment to make on this pic of Brown, taken at the Welsh Labour Party Conference this afternoon: