>Kick ‘Em Out

>This rotten government spent £207.9m of public money on advertising last year  – more than any other body.  £85m was spent on tv advertising, £52.1m on radio and £47.4m on the press.  It’s high time they were shown the door. 
At a time when private advertising is being cut back these thieves of the public purse use taxation for self-promotion and ‘know your place’ warnings to the public.  We really are a tolerant people. Too tolerant.


6 responses to “>Kick ‘Em Out

  1. >As was the story in the Soviet Union, Vietnam, China, East Germany and Castro's Cuba…

  2. >Hi 13th, true – and if you believe the polls, many people refuse to acknowledge it even now. Some people aren't sleepwalking into Big State control, they're jumping in head first.

  3. >And you can be quite sure that when something truly awful does happen, they will blame it one someone else and take no responsibility.

  4. >When did the government take over Friends of the Earth?

  5. >That's what I was wondering too Uncle M! Since when has FoE been an arm of DEFRA? Bloody lobbyists, fake charities, quangos and gongos, the country's being governed from behind closed curtains.

  6. >And let's not forget "The Policing Pledge" – they now have to lie to us about what a great job the police are doing on our behalf, GV, another load of Labour bollocks. When the police were doing their job properly we didn't need to be told!

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