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>Gordon Gets Paxoed


Ollie at the Red Rag is running a live chat for this evening’s interview with Brown.  The fun starts at 8.30pm on BBC1.
UPDATE: No, Brown didn’t get Paxoed – he did get rather cross and upset though.   Has Paxman (“been it, seen it, done it all before & written the book”) gone past his use-by-date?

UPDATE 2: Here’s a link to part of the interview where Brown tries to deflect the question about Duffy. Btw – what’s all that about sheep-shearers?  Has this country really lost all of its skills so we’ve actually been importing sheep-shearers?

>Jon Stewart: The Leaders’ Debate

>Jon Stewart’s amusing take on  the Leaders’ debates and Bigotgate; the audience reaction to Brown’s gaffe is telling:

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UPDATE: This seems to be a day for updates! Apparently, not everyone can see it so thanks to Fausty in the comments for posting this link. No matter where you live, the video can be seen HERE.
It begs the question of what happened with all the other Jon Stewart videos I’ve posted over the past year. It must mean lots of people missed out on those too.

>Jonah On The Loose + Updates

>On Wednesday we had the ‘rough on Duffy, tough on the causes of Duffy’ conversation followed yesterday by  “Our company’s doing well everywhere, but I think it’s in spite of you.”.  Today we have these:

“Would you care to say a few words into our microphone Mr Brown?”  Sarah glared and we all fell silent.

Refuse collector said, “Half our jobs are gone left, right and centre in this city.”

Too many people seem not to have seen this video so I’m re-posting it – four minutes could have saved them a lot of trouble:

UPDATE:  News is coming in of a 5yr old sent home from school this morning because he was deemed “too naughty” to meet Gordon Brown – so his angry grandmother went instead.

Later, at the same school, Brown bores the socks off the children:  “Are you throwing me out?”

>Troops To Kandahar 2


A highly critical article in the Telegraph about the movement of British troops from Helmand to Kandahar (see Wednesday) draws further attention to Brown’s petulant and cowardly attitude towards our Armed Forces.

“Throughout Gordon Brown’s troubled tenure as Prime Minister, one constant feature has been his antipathy towards our Armed Forces. But as he enters what, by rights, should be his final week in office, the sulphurous whiff of a particularly galling betrayal is polluting the Downing Street air: for Mr Brown appears to be doing his level best to lay the foundations for another humiliating capitulation by the British military.”

Service chiefs and British Intelligence also get a kicking for good measure.

The inquest into the deaths of Lt Col Rupert Thorneloe & Trooper Joshua Hammond   resumed this morning.  The lying, shameless toad Brown should hang his head.  I note that Blair is back campaigning for Labour again in the South-East: I hope local bakeries have had a run on custard pies though I suppose he’ll be well protected by his armed bodyguards to avoid scenes like those in, I think, Thailand – where protesters attempted to have him indicted for war crimes.

As an aside, I don’t seem to be seeing or hearing much in the news about the postal votes going awol either.

Full article here

UPDATE: Coroner’s Verdict: Unlawful Killing

>Instant Polls: Leaders’ Debate


>The Leaders’ Debate: Live Blog


The following blogs, most of which are in the sidebar, are running a live chat for this evening’s Leaders’ Debate on the economy:

All Seeing Eye
Barking Spider
Biased BBC
Corrugated Soundbite
Dick Puddlecote
Grumpy Old Twat
Red Rag
Tory Totty Online
and also Swiss Bob at The Daily Politics.

BBC1 at 8.30pm.

>Brown Meets Another ‘Real Person’

>Was it Mandelson’s bright idea to push Brown to the forefront of campaigning and get him out and about meeting ‘real people’ rather than Labour activists?  Or was it Brown himself who truly thought he was a Beloved Leader and that the people would flock to him?  Whoever it was, it isn’t working:

He remarked to Jayne Shinwell, a contract development worker, that the firm was doing well in China.  The 40-year-old mother of two responded: “Our company’s doing well everywhere, but I think it’s in spite of you.”

Pic courtesy of Ollie at The Red Rag