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>How Others See Us

>This time it’s courtesy of the French:

UPDATE: Two ‘British’ brothers killed in Pakistan drone attack
Two British brothers were at the heart of a “Mumbai-style” terror attack planned on the UK, France and Germany

Chief Constable apologises for Birmingham cctv cameras Reinstate those cctv cameras, you spineless muppets.

>Same Old, Same Old

> Absolutely shameless:

>Our Lives In Their Hands


Sometimes, I just don’t ‘get it’. Why do we allow ourselves to be governed by those who put themselves forward for office on one remit but then change their perspective once they’re elected?  Why haven’t we learned to scrutinise them before we elect them and challenge them when they fall short?  Why are we so apathetic when they can’t do the job they were elected to do?

Here are some snippets:

British withdrawal from Basra was a defeat

β€˜I think the biggest problem was the political problem.’

The Equality Act, 2010 comes into force this Friday so I hope we all have our CVs ready.

Firms have been warned that quizzing potential employees about their health at a job interview could lead to legal action.

I’ve also stumbled across the Farmers’ Guardian and the news that Britain’s abattoirs are facing higher inspection costs.  I wonder if that includes halal abattoirs?

Kosher abattoirs have trained slaughter-men who are rigorously inspected; the only requirement to be a halal slaughter-man is to be Muslim with a knife.   I wonder how long it can be before sheep are slaughtered in the back alleys of England to celebrate the end of Eid?

There was a general strike in Spain today and Europe’s not happy.   I’m not happy that comments have been disallowed for this article in the DM.  They’re getting very picky lately.

Warsi alleges electoral fraud and blames Asians.  It’s embedded in the culture; get used to it.  The unelected Conservative member of the House of Lords is facing two ways on this one:

Warsi also launched an attack on the “anti-Islamic sentiment” of the British press, which she compared to the anti-semitism of the early 20th century.

Legal action against France begins  This comment caught my eye:  “let the EU understand they are there for us, and not us existing for them.”  Despite the best intentions of the poster I almost choked on my soup.  It’s time people really understood that the EU has never ‘been there for us’.  It’s a political construct put in place for ‘them’ and it’s working very well.

The wheels of the law grind slowly: Lord Taylor denies false accounting.  Only six MPs have been charged in relation to the expenses, which is roughly three hundred too few.  I can’t believe so many thieving scumbags were voted back in at the GE.

Another thing I can’t believe is that Labour are now ahead of the coalition in the polls.  I can barely believe that they’re still on the radar; how can people be so stupid?

Something more light-hearted (except for those who died): Grow your own – I’ve always resented paying shop prices for something you can grow on blotting paper.

>Bye Bye, Miliband Major

>Oh, hang on.  It seems he’s only walking a few yards to the back benches rather than quit altogether or accept a ministerial position from his brother.  This could be very interesting though: Miliband D will remain as an MP for his South Shields constituency and hang around long enough to become a focus for dissent in the Labour Party.

Still, I think it’s a petulant and childish gesture on his part and shows a streak of spite.  He’s a former Foreign Secretary who could have been helpful to Labour on  the front benches and if he truly believed in public service for the good of the country rather than his own ego, he’d have accepted the post of Shadow FS under Ed.  I’m glad that at least one politician has learned the hard way that there’s no such thing as entitlement to office.

Brother Ed has now issued a statement saying that it was a ‘thoughtful and gracious decision’, that he understands David’s predicament and no-one wants a repeat of ‘things that have happened in the past’. Fasten your seatbelts, folks, this could be very entertaining.

I notice that the msm has already started to airbrush the family history, as Ed himself did in his acceptance speech. We shouldn’t lose sight of his grandfather Samuel, a Polish Jew who fought against Poland and for the Red Army in the 20s, or his father Adolphe, later known as Ralph, who sought to overturn the British political system and despised the English.

As Ed said: “My parents came here with nothing [except Ralph & Samuel who came with forged papers]. This country gave them everything.”

Let’s not forget that Ed was responsible for Labour’s election manifesto. I doubt his real views have changed very much since March but you have to hand it to them, they’ve certainly come a long way and Samuel would be proud of them.

David Miliband’s letter in full

>Miliband’s Speech

>I tried to post this yesterday but my pc crashed – it’s a brief extract from Ed Miliband’s speech with commentary. It clearly shows Union man Len McCluskey calling out, ‘Rubbish,’ as he sits alongside his stoney-faced comrades who aren’t impressed with the man they backed for Labour leader. It also shows the cold exchange between Miliband Major and Harman when she applauded Minor’s statement about Iraq. I think these two snapshots encapsulate exactly what contemporary politics has become: power, envy, entitlement and hypocricy.

From today’s Telegraph:

David Miliband is expected to announce this afternoon that he will not accept a place on Ed’s front bench.

After days of procrastinating, his mind was made up for him when a television camera captured him upbraiding Harriet Harman, the deputy leader, for applauding a section of Ed Miliband’s speech in which he denounced the war in Iraq.

>Don’t Kill Bill


Thank you to ‘Bill’ for reminding me of this Mel Brooks’ comedy. Anyone who hasn’t seen the original film should get a move on before references are deleted by YouTube under EU regulations. The Busby Berkeley sequence never fails to make me laugh.

>I’ve Got The T-Shirt

>There’s nothing new here except the fact that it’s hit the msm: EU wants quotas for women et al

However, Viviane Reding, the EU Justice Commissioner, has said that unless boards move fast, she will use new powers under the Lisbon Treaty to impose “gender quotas”, which could reach 20%.

Stop wondering about the composition of our own ‘Parliament’, the Milibands, the Camerons, and start wondering about the EU. Where did it originate? What was the ethos behind it? Who were the people who instigated it?

In the 1970’s/80’s the Labour Party was against the EU but the Trade Unions were all for it. Why? What made them change?

Hannan also ‘wonders’ about the EU