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>Sunday Reflection

>From his radio programme on the 29th.

>EU Jobs For The Boys

>This is for anyone who still believes that the British people will have an in/out referendum on the EU or that this government is broadly eurosceptic.

“Not, as William said, because we want British nationals in Brussels simply to push the United Kingdom’s own view. Every civil servant employed by the EU is expected to work loyally and independently for the EU and that is how it should be and I wouldnt expect any British citizen working there to be any more partisan than a European official coming from any other European member state.”

The Communicating EU Careers to Students event took place at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on Monday 18 October 2010. The event brought together representatives from universities across the UK, and provided a forum for discussion around the subject of how to encourage more British graduates to consider careers in the European Union Institutions.

The British Government is committed to increasing the number of British nationals working in the EU Institutions. The FCO is working with other government departments to try and encourage more young British graduates to consider the EU as a career option.

There really is no excuse for people continuing to believe this government’s EU spin.

>Sunday Round-up


DfID Secretary involved in dubious dealings
“After receiving £40,000… The minister telephoned the British high commissioner in Ghana on the issue, according to internal government documents cited by the Sunday Times, despite the fact it involved British business interests overseas, which is outside Mitchell’s remit. Officials in Mitchell’s office also contacted the Foreign Office to say that the matter required “urgent attention”.
Yemen, the new Afghanistan
“One of the significant issues we’re seeing is the number of foreign fighters going to Yemen. The German authorities are very worried. At least 70 Germans are thought to be in training camps, with about 200 travelling there in the last two years.” Whitehall sources say about 30 Britons are believed to be training there.
C of E in fake marriage scam
The leap followed the introduction of rules in 2005 which required non-EU nationals to obtain a certificate of approval from the Home Office before they could marry in a civil ceremony at a register office. The Church of England was exemp­ted from the clampdown.
The size & cost of the EU’s diplomatic army
Rebels are angry that the Foreign Secretary ordered Tory MEPs to support the formal creation of the European External Action Service. A spokesman for Mr Hague said: ‘We did not support the establishment of the EEAS but it, like the rest of the Lisbon Treaty, is now, regrettably, a fact.”
Cameron’s referendum u-turn
At the Council of Ministers, Europe’s prime ministers and presidents backed “a limited treaty change” to deliver tighter fiscal discipline across the EU and a ­permanent bail-out fund for members of the eurozone. The change will create an “economic government” for Europe…Leaders are petrified that any change to the EU treaties would spark referendums in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands.
LGBTI jollies in the Hague
The real cost to European taxpayers of the event will be far higher than the quoted cost, as many of those attending are representing publicly-funded bodies and will claim travel and accommodation expenses. The event was staged by “ILGA-Europe” – the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association.
Brown due to give speech in the Commons
The Ministry of Defence is considering three options to maintain the two new carriers: give the work to Rosyth; offer it to the French; or close Rosyth, but retain its dry dock and bring in contractors to carry out the annual upgrades and six-yearly major maintenance work. A senior MoD source said: ‘You would have thought Gordon Brown would have wanted to stay away from the £38 billion black hole he created in the defence budget.’
Housing benefit reform under renewed attack
The concerns come as the National Housing Federation, the body that represents housing associations in England, claims that around 200,000 people will be forced to live below a minimum income standard that has been endorsed by the prime minister.
Harman apologises for ginger jibe
Delegates at Labour’s Scottish conference could barely conceal their shock as Ms Harman, who is known for her strict adherence to politically correct views, turned her fire on the Chief Secretary to the Treasury in the least correct way imaginable, mocking his red hair and comparing him to a squirrel.
The children snatchers
Yet virtually none of this reaches the outside world because the system is hidden behind an almost impenetrable veil of secrecy. The nominal reason for this is to protect the identity and interests of the children, but secrecy has been so extended that its real aim is to protect the system itself and all those who do so well out of it.
Liam Fox: an apologia
“…it has always been my view that defence must be a sovereign issue … which is why this week will mark the beginning of a long-term commitment to closer defence and security links with France.”
Charles de Gaulle no longer seaworthy
The French aircraft carrier which is set to play a key role in defending Britain over the next decade has broken down. As President Nicolas Sarkozy prepares to use a London summit this week to announce that RAF jets will fly from the carrier Charles de Gaulle, his naval chiefs have told him that she is no longer seaworthy.
American offer ‘refused’
The White House has offered to send a U.S. aircraft carrier to be stationed off the British coast and boost security during the London Olympics, Ministry of Defence sources claimed last night.  The suggestion is said to have been rejected by No10 because it would make the UK look ‘weak’. And last night Downing Street was silent on the claim.
British troops facing investigation
The case involves multiple claims of ill-treatment contrary to human rights law, including hooding or blindfolding, allegations of being forced into prolonged stress positions in solitary confinement, and deprivation of sleep, water and food.
Tory MP’s outburst against Cameron
‘I don’t anticipate any early calls to Government. I’m a white, Christian, married bloke from the Home Counties so I probably don’t fit the description of what the leadership wants at the moment.’
Merkel’s solution to Germany’s ‘failed multiculturalism’
‘Today, people with a migrant background are under- represented in the public sector, and that needs to change.’
Anti-islamisation spreads in Europe
The right-wing populist Pro Cologne movement has campaigned against the [Cologne] mosque and moved a step closer to its goal last week after joining forces with Austria’s far-right Freedom party (FPO).
MPs & the BBC at loggerheads
A source said: ‘Cockerell promised it would be a serious look at the work we do. But despite the assurances, some of the committee said, “You can’t trust journalists. They will do us in at the first opportunity. It will all be about our expenses. They will stitch us up.”
Dover steps up campaign to keep the port British
Since Gordon Brown’s government decreed that the port should be sold off to the highest bidder, probably a foreign company, there has been a growing campaign not only to keep the port British but to pass it into the safekeeping of a local consortium.

>Running Scared

>No, not the title of a song by Johnny Somebody-or-other about an Indian Maid and her lover who died in a river and neither is it based on Longfellow’s poem* but it’s what tptb are at the moment.  Everything they’re saying is bluster and hubris and they dare not change the Lisbon Treaty enough to trigger referenda, particularly in Britain.

They know they’ve been found out and they’re worried the news will spread and resonate with more people.  You only have to look at the comments in the online Guardian, Telegraph or Mail to see how angry people are.  The comments range from ‘string ’em up & hang, draw & quarter ’em’  to ‘we need a new money system’, let’s march on Parliament’ or  ‘we need a real people’s democracy’.  This issue really does cross party political allegiances.

A  ‘tweak’ to Lisbon  = one giant leap for mankind.  Merkel has agreement to add a line or two to the Lisbon Treaty in order to introduce a CRM and retrospectively accommodate the bail-outs to Greece, which, as it stands, are illegal.  That’s why it has to be re-written.  However, Germany’s full proposal to include sanctions against member states who don’t adhere to EU economic guidelines via withdrawal of voting rights have been dismissed as being ott, ie it would mean re-writing Lisbon and trigger referenda throughout Europe.

Everything else: Galileo, surveillance projects, euro-zone going down the drain, inter-dependent military, the closure of British Embassies under the guise of cost-cutting and the growth of the EEAS and so on, I’ve already written about and I’m not given to telling people twice so I’m left with little to say this evening except to ask: what’s going on with the BBC?
“The idealism, the grand projects, the dreams of ever closer union have lost their appeal.”  After decades of being so pro-EU and funded by them, why now?  Food for thought.

LEPs replace RDAs
Ennbeeobee Syndrome.

van Rompuy has a problem: Belgian daily Metro reports that ‘European Council President Herman Van Rompuy’ has presented his new book, called “Inside the World of Herman Van Rompuy”. Commenting on his Presidency at the book presentation, he is quoted saying “I don’t speak here as a politician but as a free man. I don’t have any voters and I also prefer readers to voters”.   How wonderful that not only is he a ‘free man’ but he also has time to write a book – you have to laugh…don’t you… …

We don’t need this NHS quango.  The EC has already said that language capability must be determined by the interviewing board and has expressed ‘surprise’ at the number of NHS staff who can’t speak English. Why is Westminster creating yet another quango?

European Union quangos triple in five years
How the ‘right-wing’ press reviewed treaty & budget Cameron’s sell-outs

We must keep up the pressure.

*It’s something from my dimly-remembered perambulator days that sprang to mind when I was thinking of a title for the post – and my memory isn’t what it was.

UPDATE:  YouTube does have its uses occasionally and let’s face it, we’d all rather listen to absolutely anything other than van Rompuy or Barroso:

Perhaps you’d prefer Mrs Thatcher: “No! No! No!”

>Spin, Lies, Cameron & the EU Budget + Update

>The man must think we’re all stupid.  He’s claiming “a spectacular success” in preventing the EU budget increase to 6% and limiting it to 2.9%.

First of all, an increase is an increase, not a cut or a freeze; secondly, all he has is a poxy piece of paper with 12 signatures on it; thirdly, any deal still has to be approved by the Commission & the Parliament.

Martin Schulz, the German leader of Europe’s Social Democrat MEPs, the parliament’s second biggest bloc, said Mr Cameron’s promise was “nonsense.”
He said: “The negotiations have barely begun – it is not for Mr Cameron to announce their conclusion.  The figures he is talking about bear little relation to reality.   He is setting himself up for a fall.”

Even Tim Montgomerie at Conservative Home is less than thrilled.

UPDATE: Lee Rotherham, a man not to be sneezed at, has written an excellent article HERE detailing why Britain will shortly have no choice but to withdraw from the EU.  It’s thumbs down all round for Cameron.

>Sacre Bleu!

>Another quickie because I have to dash out again today but this sentence in the DT caught my eye:

“Other co-operation plans to be discussed next week could see French spyplanes flying over Britain and scanning the North Sea for Russian submarines.”

We all knew about the proposals for French fighters flying from British aircraft carriers and increased Anglo-French co-operation but a foreign nation’s spyplanes flying over our land?

I have no objection to them flying over the North Sea but aren’t spyplanes a step beyond a step too far?

Full article

>Another One

>For the second time this week footage has been released of police manhandling a man and punching him in the head. He’d called for assistance after being stabbed but the police were no angels of mercy. It’s true that the man is half-clothed and he does try to crawl away from them (alcohol involved?) but there’s no audio so we don’t know what was said beforehand.  The man was arrested and charged with two counts of assaulting a police officer but released after eleven hours when the charges were dropped.

It’s definitely ott – as well as being punched eight times in the head (where he was wounded) his head is forced to the ground, he’s thumped in the back and he’s sat upon, all while he’s handcuffed behind his back. By the time the video ended I counted 11/12 officers milling around. Perhaps those involved (including the WPC) should consider signing up for EuroGendFor – they’re looking for armed thugs to get to grips with ‘citizens’ on European streets.

The first incident: ‘ello, ‘ello, ‘ello