>Running Scared

>No, not the title of a song by Johnny Somebody-or-other about an Indian Maid and her lover who died in a river and neither is it based on Longfellow’s poem* but it’s what tptb are at the moment.  Everything they’re saying is bluster and hubris and they dare not change the Lisbon Treaty enough to trigger referenda, particularly in Britain.

They know they’ve been found out and they’re worried the news will spread and resonate with more people.  You only have to look at the comments in the online Guardian, Telegraph or Mail to see how angry people are.  The comments range from ‘string ’em up & hang, draw & quarter ’em’  to ‘we need a new money system’, let’s march on Parliament’ or  ‘we need a real people’s democracy’.  This issue really does cross party political allegiances.

A  ‘tweak’ to Lisbon  = one giant leap for mankind.  Merkel has agreement to add a line or two to the Lisbon Treaty in order to introduce a CRM and retrospectively accommodate the bail-outs to Greece, which, as it stands, are illegal.  That’s why it has to be re-written.  However, Germany’s full proposal to include sanctions against member states who don’t adhere to EU economic guidelines via withdrawal of voting rights have been dismissed as being ott, ie it would mean re-writing Lisbon and trigger referenda throughout Europe.

Everything else: Galileo, surveillance projects, euro-zone going down the drain, inter-dependent military, the closure of British Embassies under the guise of cost-cutting and the growth of the EEAS and so on, I’ve already written about and I’m not given to telling people twice so I’m left with little to say this evening except to ask: what’s going on with the BBC?
“The idealism, the grand projects, the dreams of ever closer union have lost their appeal.”  After decades of being so pro-EU and funded by them, why now?  Food for thought.

LEPs replace RDAs
Ennbeeobee Syndrome.

van Rompuy has a problem: Belgian daily Metro reports that ‘European Council President Herman Van Rompuy’ has presented his new book, called “Inside the World of Herman Van Rompuy”. Commenting on his Presidency at the book presentation, he is quoted saying “I don’t speak here as a politician but as a free man. I don’t have any voters and I also prefer readers to voters”.   How wonderful that not only is he a ‘free man’ but he also has time to write a book – you have to laugh…don’t you… …

We don’t need this NHS quango.  The EC has already said that language capability must be determined by the interviewing board and has expressed ‘surprise’ at the number of NHS staff who can’t speak English. Why is Westminster creating yet another quango?

European Union quangos triple in five years
How the ‘right-wing’ press reviewed treaty & budget Cameron’s sell-outs

We must keep up the pressure.

*It’s something from my dimly-remembered perambulator days that sprang to mind when I was thinking of a title for the post – and my memory isn’t what it was.

UPDATE:  YouTube does have its uses occasionally and let’s face it, we’d all rather listen to absolutely anything other than van Rompuy or Barroso:

Perhaps you’d prefer Mrs Thatcher: “No! No! No!”


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