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>Cameron’s No-Fly Zone

>Cameron says the government is pushing for a no-fly zone over Libya and that military action is “not out of the question”.

Here’s an exclusive pic of the Big Society RAF preparing for take-off:

Or, he might like to ask George to release a bit of cash to invest in a couple of these:

>One Good Cut!


It’s been a bad day today and reading the news doesn’t make things any better: Algeria, China, Libya, Bahrain, Oman…   The list goes on and the world ‘leaders’ – the vacuous and vainglorious nonenties who shaped the world as it is today – wring their hands, have a lot of meetings and try to look as though their words carry any weight.

Now Health & Safety ‘experts’ are bad-mouthing one of life’s little consolations   Well, these puritanical killjoys can back off and get their hands off my tootsies.

Here are two links and a video about the money supply.  I’ve linked to Positive Money before but One Good Cut, the makers of the video, are new to me.  I hope you find them interesting:

One Good Cut
Positive Money

>If You Believe This, You’ll … …

>You know the rest.

I can barely find the words this morning so make free use of the comments to call Lincolnshire’s Chief Constable Richard Crompton all the names under the sun if you want to.   He has defended the use of d-i-y fingerprinting kits and insists:

‘It’s not policing on the cheap, it is people volunteering to do their bit within society.’


It’s become a regular event for me, daily in fact, to wonder who are the delusional amongst us.  I feel like I’m living in an alternate reality to these people, these police spookesmen (ACPO-influenced), the CEOs of local councils, the chairmen of quangos, the pro-Crow unionistas, lying politicos and MPs who swear black’s white*, a media that reports half-truths and glosses over the rest … endless.

I see I’ve got a typo above – it should be spokesmen but I’ll leave it as it is, spookesmen will do just as well.

*  That reminds me.  Did anyone miss Mandelson’s light sauteeing at the hands of Andrew Marr at the weekend?  Sick bags all round:


>I just had to post this – it’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Chilean u-20 player Bryan Carrasco gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘don’t beat yourself up about it’ or how about ‘a fistful of molars’? I dunno – looks pretty ‘armless’ to me … … …

>Sunday Reflection


“… which will secure, for every citizen, on condition of working and contributing while he can work, an income sufficient for the subsistence of himself and his family when for any reason he cannot work…”

>Sunday Round-up


Mugabe returns the favour Crack troops sent to defend Gadaffi. Two tyrants (2001)
Justice for oil. Labour put pressure on CPS to drop charges against Gadaffi’s nephew.
Gorbachev: Britain should pull out of Afghanistan “He points out that Britain advised against the Soviet invasion, saying the Afghans are a special people who live by their own rules, and that Britain should now heed its own advice.”
The Mountain Man of Mayo is Taoiseach.
Messing with the clocks. As Britain retreats from clock change Spain moots switch to GMT.
Poll for Searchlight finds half of us are ‘racists’. Can anyone really be surprised that when asked whether they would vote for a Party that‘wants to defend the English, create an English parliament, control immigration and challenge Islamic extremism’ 48% people said ‘yes’?
EU CAP payments to Benyon in the news again. He isn’t the only one to benefit – blackout on subsidies paid to Royal Family. Check out
ECHR to hear murderers’ case “It’s against our human rights to be imprisoned for life.”
Police ‘trained to be rude’. “It is clear that a significant minority of officers see the public as their enemy and as a potential hazard to be dealt with aggressively.”
Cole shoots intern with air rifle No mention of police involvement.
Against the 24-hr ‘cafe culture’ “If the leaders of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya had flooded their streets with strong lager and alcopops, instead of relying on thugs and tear gas, they’d probably all still be safe in power.”
Veterans in Gulf War Syndrome protest
Trouble in Iraq
Tunisian protests move on
Syd’s soft side Love letters on display at London exhibition
Pretty pictures

>Another One For The Money


I’m celebrating a 70% turnout in the elections and Ireland’s snub to the IMF/EU.