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>Greetings, Underlings


HVR: No, eradicate that – change the word ‘greetings’.
Millie von Tilliebrand-Forelock: Yes, Sir. ‘Bow down’? ‘Heed my words’?
HVR: Quiet, you forty thousand euros a year tax-reduced nobody. ‘Hear ye, hear ye’, will suffice. Now, take this down:

“Looks on my works ye plebs, and do not despair, for I come to give you social justice, equality for all, new technology, a three-day week and the rights of man.

“Forget all that has gone before for that was an illusion. I have decreed that history begins in 1946 with the signing of the European Coal & Steel Communities Act.

“Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, you learned the history of your own ‘countries’ but now your children learn our mutual history of the Second World War and how the European Union was born from peace and goodwill. It is to this end that we are taking voluntary collections for our new Museums and heritage sites – to promote understanding and empathy for others.  We have also introduced guidance on  ‘Don’t Think Anything Negative About Anybody, Ever’, which will shortly be passed in your Assembly, erm… delete, delete, insert ‘sovereign Parliament’  …under the cloak of “Motions without Debate”.

“Citizens of the World, I and my associates have only your best interests at heart.  We come to save you from yourselves and to save the planet from you.  You small people, I hope you don’t mind me calling you such for it’s just an inescapable fact and I mean no insult by it,  have done a poor job until now.  Cows have grazed, sheep have lambed and crops have been grown; you have created butter lakes, wine lakes, milk lakes – in fact, far too much for the world to consume.  It has been for your own good that we  appointed ourselves to place restrictions on what you can and cannot grow.  You little people amuse me so much with your arcane jollities but we are here to put you on the path to prosperity.  Life is not always about jollity and we must have regulation; it is for the good of the cause.

“Previously we have let member states have the illusion of autonomy and I emphasise that nothing has changed. To this end, on 9th May, as a mark of solidarity between all school-children, women, men, citizens, stakeholders, players and actors, we will celebrate Europe Day where EU flags will take precedence over flags of member-states. This is a fine gesture on only one day of the year and of which I’m sure you’ll approve unless you’re xenophobes and racists …

“… erm … we don’t have any of those in our Union do we, Ms Talliebrand-Forelock?”

MTF: “The English?”

HVR: “My dear Talleyrand-Forelock, the English don’t even have their own country, let alone their own Parliament.  Just finish it off about how it’s only guidance and that the ECHR and the ECJ have nothing to do with it.  I know, here’s a good wheeze,  tell them they can opt out whenever they hold a referendum.  Oh, and do get that Cameron chappie on the phone.”

Time out while HVR laughs his ethically-sourced cotton socks off.

>Please Sir…


Well, we all doubted that the initial bail-out to Ireland would be enough. The UK gave a £7bn ‘loan’ last November in addition to funds already allocated to the IMF and ECB.  (I remember a year or so back, but don’t have the time to google the source now, when the IMF said it was running out of contingency money for bailouts, so could countries please contribute what they could, over and above the norm.  Gordon Brown did). A grand total of  £77bn has been made available to Ireland, yet still it isn’t enough.

Ireland asks for another 24bn euros as four Banks fail the stress test

We’ll all be beggars at this rate. I see little point in paying taxes any more. We’re taxed to the hilt; inflation is rising; the so-called ‘cuts’ haven’t even begun to bite, and probably won’t if Cameron keeps back-tracking (spending & borrowing is still going up); unemployment is rising and household income has taken it’s worst hit for thirty years.

Somewhere along the line, we’re being lied to, again, and whether it’s the government, the msm, or a ‘coalition of the willing’, I don’t know and care even less.  The Treasury seems to conjure money from thin air – see Gove’s replacement for the EMA – and there’s always enough money in the coffers for one of those, spur-of-the-moment wars.

I still think there’s something nasty going on behind the scenes but the only thing that’s clear at the moment is that we’re the patsies.  The ring is through our collective noses and we’re being led a fine dance.

How could we forget this:

Osborne moved to reassure Tory Eurosceptics today by insisting that a planned £7bn loan to Ireland would be on a bilateral basis and would not set a precedent for British help to other troubled eurozone countries.As Eurosceptic Conservatives prepared to raise their concerns with the chancellor in the Commons this afternoon, Osborne said that Britain was simply preparing to help its closest neighbour in its hour of need.
“Ireland is a friend in need and we are here to help,” the chancellor told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme ahead of a Commons statement this afternoon.
Osborne’s remarks indicate that Britain is hoping to avoid joining any EU bailout of Portugal and Spain, the two most vulnerable eurozone countries after Ireland.

Yes, and Portugal is “one of our oldest allies”. I wonder how Osborne will describe Spain? He lied. He must have known about the ESFM, the memo, the “cross-party consensus”. To say, “We hope that…” is only diplopoli-speech for ‘watch out, here comes a whopper’.

The fact is that many more of us don’t believe the lies and evasions coming from No.10 and No.11. They must tell the stark truth to the British people and accept the consequences and the fall-out from decades of government lies about the nature of the European Union.

UPDATE: An MEP spells it out

>Okay! All I Did Was…/Fixed

>… add a tweet button to posts and now the blog decided to shift all my links and pics from the sidebar to the bottom of the page. I didn’t touch the html template at all and it won’t revert no matter how many times I press the button. I thought I might get round it by choosing a completely different template (!) but they all show the links/pics at the bottom as well. What have I done wrong? If no-one has any ideas I’ll just have to wait until the whizz-kid comes home – won’t he be pleased!

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UPDATE: After hours of faffing it seems it was a missing script-type-linky-thingy that was causing the problems.  Now all I have to do is go back and undo the damage I did by messing with layout widths etc when trying to correct it.  Happy Days 🙂

>Devine: 16 months

>Somehow it doesn’t seem long enough.  Call me hard-hearted Hannah if you like but, despite the man’s tears, I don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for him.  I also think that far too many MPs escaped the court room;  they became symbolic of self-entitled thievery from the public purse and have tarnished Parliament as a whole.  IPSA should stick to its guns and not allow MPs to water down its remit and nor should it feel threatened by the likes of Cameron.  It’s bad enough that we’re being robbed of our Constitution and Civil Liberties; we mustn’t allow them to keep robbing the taxpayer too.

>Indefatigable Bill

>Following Monday’s revelation about the Treasury memo from Justine Greening in which she wrote there had been “cross-party consensus” for the European Financial Stability Mechanism (EFSM), Bill Cash, Chairman of the European Scrutiny Committee, has written an article for ConHome in which he sets out, precisely & in detail, the number of attempts he has made to get to the bottom it all.

Cameron & Osborne have both made such a show of pushing the blame for signing on to Darling  but the memo raises many questions that they must answer, truthfully if at all possible, and without the usual word-play.

I don’t know where we’d be without the likes of Cash and his fellow travellers in the House although, as you’ll see if you read his article, he too is getting nowhere when it comes to eliciting information from the Treasury or No.10.

“…we in Britain, who chose to remain outside the euro are now paying for the system that I have always said will never work.  In fact, I did look into the negotiations but was denied the necessary information on most occasions. The European Scrutiny Committee, …, has already said in its report that the agreement on that particular mechanism was “legally unsound”.

Given that the Lisbon Treaty is now having to be tweaked in order to retrospectively accommodate the bail-outs, there must be grounds for Cameron/Osborne to manoeuvre here, if they wanted to.

>PMQs: Summary/Videos

>Tributes were paid to Major Matthew Collins and Lance Sergeant Mark Burgen of the Irish Guards, whose vehicle was caught in an ied explosion on 23rd March.

Miliband was more sure-footed this week but Cameron still managed to make him blush.  The first question related to Libya and the legality of arming the rebels.  Cameron responded that the situation was ‘very fluid’ and the ceasefire is still being breached.  The arms embargo applies to whole of Libya but provision of assistance to protect civilians “in certain circumstances” is not ruled out by the UN Resolution.

Miliband then moved on to tuition fees – how many universities have indicated they will charge the full £9k?   Cameron said that figures were ‘not available’ so Miliband told him that 18 of 27 unis have said they will charge the full amount.  He also queried the number of frontline police officers being cut or moved to back office duties.  Cameron insisted there was no reason why frontline visibility would diminish and both leaders sat down to shouts of’ ‘more, more’ from all sides.

There was a nice put-down of Ed Balls towards the end:  ‘I wish the Shadow Chancellor would occasionally shut up and listen to the answers … I may be alone in finding him the most annoying person in modern politics…’    I don’t think Balls was particularly bothered, he seems to revel in being seen as ‘the bad boy’.

Did your MP speak?
Jackie Doyle-Price, Con, Thurrock;  Sarah Newton, Con, Truro & Falmouth; Margaret Ritchie,  SDLP, South Down;  Daniel Byles, Con, North Warwickshire;  Ian Austin, Lab, Dudley North; Peter Aldous, Con, Waveney;  Nigel Dodds, DUP, North Belfast;  Greg Mulholland, LibDem, Leeeds North-West; Geraint Davies, Lab Co-op, Swansea West;  David Burrowes, Con, Enfield Southgate; Dr Alasdair McDonnell, SDLP, South Belfast;  Robert Halfon, Con, Harlowe; Christopher Leslie, Lab Co-op, Nottingham East;  David Amess, Con, Southend West;  Helen Jones, Lab, Warrington North;  Caroline Dinenage, Con, Gosport;  Chris Williamson, Lab, Derby North;  Tony Baldry, Con, Banbury;  Yvonne Fovargue, Lab, Makerfield;  Menzies Campbell, LibDem, North East Fife; Heidi Alexander, Labour, Lewisham East;   Fiona Bruce, Con, Congleton;  Joan Walley, Lab, Stoke-on-Trent North; Malcolm Bruce, LibDem, Gordon.

Topics raised:
Condemnation of an EDM congratulating UKuncut;  cuts to Coastguards particularly as they affect Cornwall;  cancer diagnosis & care/reform of DLA; Monday’s Libya Summit; cuts to welfare for unemployed;  deprivation in East Anglia & creation of an Enterprise Zone;  terrorist activity in N. Ireland;  children’s heart units/ambulance transfers;  carbon trading/Tata/Wales;  investment in NHS prostate cancer care;  changes to pension age;  the Baker Report & new technical colleges;  NHS spending; Miliband’s Hyde Park speech;  one-stop-shop ‘teams’ in the NHS;  SureStart services; winter fuel allowances;  manufacturing in Banbury/unemployment;  fines for people who wrongly claim benefit/Citizens’ Advice Bureaux;  cautioned against arming Libyan rebels; cuts to ‘English as a second language’ courses;  incinerator planning proposals and local input;  job creation in Stoke-on-Trent; field allowances/StatOil.

Followed by a Statement from William Hague on Monday’s meeting – ‘Outcome of London Conference on Libya & Related Events’.

Videos to follow.

A taster:

Cameron – Aldous

Dodds – Bruce

Walley – end

With thanks, as usual, for the videos: LiarPoliticians

>No Repatriation Of Powers

>That’s the only conclusion to be drawn from Cameron’s evasive and wishy-washy response to a direct question put to him by Bill Cash after Monday’s statement on the EU Council meeting and Libya.