Two from the EU

Denmark has been concerned at the break-down of the Schengen agreement and the influx of migrants from the ‘Southern Mediterranean’. Barroso has now warned them that checking their own borders is contrary to EU rules and therefore illegal.

A letter from him reminding Denmark of its ‘obligations’ under EU treaties ends with an indirect threat of legal action being taken against them. Other EU Ministers have also criticised Denmark’s actions with some accusing them of pandering to right-wing extremists.

A second article that caught my eye is this one regarding the sale of meat from cloned animals & offspring. Mediterranean’ so decided, unilaterally, to police its own borders and reinstate custom-controls. EU Ministers ruled, and it’s been reported here, that nothing can be done to prevent the public sale of meat from cloned animals. However:

Contrary to what was argued by EU Ministers and Commission during negotiations on the ‘Novel Food’ regulation, restrictions on the marketing of food from cloned animals and their offspring could be possible with WTO rules.

There is also nothing to prevent meat from cloned animals being labelled as such.

So, there we have it in black & white: The EU considers that it’s illegal for a country to protect its own borders and it lied to us about being unable to regulate meat from cloned animals being sold to the public. I wonder how many of them have vested interests.

That the Coalition still refuses to have a proper national debate about this money-draining cesspit of vile, authoritarian, scummy europrats is a national disgrace. It’s time they and the BBC told people the truth and faced the consequences.


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