Sunday Round-up

It’s a strange day for the Sundays – lots of the news is EU-related and most of it is very dry. The top spot goes to the news that Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been arrested in New York and there’s also a great interview with Pamela Geller.  Most of the rest is about Chris Huhne’s teetering career, the economy or the state of the coalition. I’ve also thrown in a couple of articles about the States, just to show we’re not alone in the madness. As always the round-up comes with the usual health warning about the msm.

IMF’s Strauss-Kahn arrested in New York for alleged sex attack
More details: “Sodomy probe”
EU experiment “on the brink”
Ban mobiles & wi-fi in school, says Council of Europe
#rallyagainstdebt – yesterday’s pro-cuts demonstration
Economy, EU, immigration top concerns of Conservative voters
Huhne to ex-wife: Think of the children
Huhne faces new claims over driving offences
Lords Patten & Brown: jobs for the boys at the BBC
Tim Farron calls for in/out referendum on EU
Government strengthens Armed Forces Bill
Forced retirement of police officers will cost, not save, money
Pay gap continues to widen
Hutton: European left dithers while the right menaces
Spelman’s ‘Emergency summit’ to combat predicted drought
Buffer zone proposed between homes and windfarms
‘Top cop’ corruption probe
Interview with Pamela Geller
Christian & Muslim strife in Egypt
Mother with cancer forced to give up custody of children
El Paso: frontline in immigration debate
Wagner at Glyndebourne


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