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I’m not particularly enamoured of the way the country’s been run for the past decades – as you’ve probably noticed.  Here are some headlines from today’s press that just make me marvel at the level of  arrogance and incompetence we accept from  politicians after they’ve been voted into office:

On the day the National Audit Office warns that the Armed Forces face a significant shortage in principal armoured vehicles until at least 2024-2025 Liam Fox admits that Army personnel will be cut further after Afghanistan war.

“The MOD’s standard route for acquiring priority equipment has not been working in the case of armoured vehicles. Too many major projects have been cancelled, suspended or delayed and the Armed Forces will not be fully equipped with the vehicles they need to carry out their full strategic remit until at least 2024-2025.

“While some of the lessons learned from the successful use of the Urgent Operational Requirements process can be applied to core projects in the future, a long term solution is likely to need significant further investment, realistic plans and stable budgets sustained over time.” 

Amyas Morse, head of the National Audit Office, 20 May 2011

Here’s the press release from the NAO, which I haven’t yet seen printed in the papers.

Cameron rebukes Armed Forces’ Chiefs.
Defence intelligence staff fought against Labour govt using Iraq dossier to make a case for war.
Criticism as Cameron invites Bahrain Crown Prince to No.10.
Cameron pre-judges Attorney-General’s report on Kelly.
Low-life robs dying woman & gets 12 weeks jail.
The “Whitebirk Bitches” & the “Brothers Grim” sentenced to diversionary activities.

Here are four things that nothing will be done about because they’re in the interests of a select group of ‘others’ rather than people generally:
Toxic pesticides from GM food crops found in unborn babies.
Brown, the IMF and a mechanism for wealth redistribution.
Facial recognition “too creepy for Google”
Mobile phones as ‘virtual wallets’


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