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This week it’s from Golem XIV and offers a very clear, alternative perspective on the changing narrative of the financial crisis.


The official narrative today is that the plan of recovery is working. The narrative focuses on the rise of the stock markets to almost pre-crash heights. The failure of housing or commercial property markets to recover and the fact that unemployment is hideously high is simply no longer part of the recovery narrative. These things have been dropped. What has been added has been the ‘shocking’ level of public, national debt. In the new narrative the cause of the ballooning of public debt has been steered away from facts about the cost of the bail outs or how the disintegration of the speculative bubble caused a subsequent collapse of real economic activity. The new story is that the debts we have now are nothing to do with the banks and their temporary difficulties. They are due to a deeper incontinence in public spending.

The narrative is being re-written so that the ‘debt crisis’ is seen as something that is under control and being solved, whereas the present and pressing problem in need of controlling is the cost of public services and the unreasonable expectations that underlie them. Public expectation of a free lunch for their children at school or a pension for their life’s work or a health service paid for through taxes – these socialist weapons of fiscal destruction are to blame for the vast public debt. That is the narrative we are being fed. The bankers are being air brushed out of the story and certainly any mention of blame being attached to them is being described as backward looking if not downright suspect and dangerous. Not far, I suspect, from being vaguely alluded to as financial terrorism or a ‘financial hate crime’.

What we are left with in the official narrative is that our betters have one crisis under control – the cash flow/liquidity crisis and are now taking equally heroic steps to deal with the recently uncovered, deeper, systemic crisis – the ‘true’ crisis – of out-of-control public spending which is responsible for sovereign debt levels that are injurious to the efficient workings of the markets. Markets whose fearless leaders are trying, despite pubic profligacy and obstinate stupidity, to help us out of debt and back on to the true path of prosperity via necessary austerity and more ‘realistic’ expectations of what we are worth and what we deserve.

This isn’t a crisis. This is the new business of profit without risk. It isn’t even really a ‘bail out’. The new normal is a no risk machine for expropriating public wealth.

This man should be Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Add to that what’s going on in America – the unravelling of a ponzi scheme – and you can see that there’s something very nasty indeed waiting to crawl out of the woodwork.


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