Sunday Round-up

There seems to be quite a lot happening today although, as usual, the Sunday Telegraph hasn’t woken up yet.

Finally out of Iraq after 8yrs as the last RN trainers leave
Massive $1bn bank fraud puts Afghan pull-out dates in doubt
Man who helped compile Dodgy Dossier takes job with company drilling for oil in Iraq
UK-US split over Libya strategy
London’s fire engines could be sold off as private company goes into administration
Civil Servants & the $1bn Gold Card
More jobs for England: Scottish Parliament calls for removal of Faslane Trident base
Convicted Mujahadeen terrorist can’t be deported – named in the now-disappeared comments as Mohamed Khemiri, formerly from Manchester
Flyin’ pigs: Tweeter singled out for possible court proceedings
DM demonstrates ludicrous situation with a page of black censorship strips
A fine piece from David Davis: the law cannot stand
Osborne backs Lagarde as IMF chief
Lagarde already under investigation for irregular payments and abuse of power
Further allegations against DSK
Yet another American President discovers his ‘Irish roots’
Expenses & speeding points – campaign against Huhne hots up
Clegg backs Huhne who has his “total support”
25 CIA agents on Britain’s streets but intelligence withheld
Selling NHS drugs abroad for profit has been going on for years
Common sense prevails as Prison Officer sacked for carrying knife to work
EuroPol in the news – get used to it
“Wave” of North African migrants head for Britain
Animal by-products to be fed to farm animals again thanks to the EU
Research telling us what we already know – English 10yr-olds grow weaker because traditional childhood pursuits have been curtailed
What I like to see: campaigners “livid” at cancellation of stupid pet project
The Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again – fly-tipping on the rise
Only Bulgaria & Romania worse than UK for a happy family-life
Scottish students may be allowed laptops – pen & paper too burdensome
Health & ~Safety strikes again: beware low-flying geese
Some good news: British inventor solves vision problems for 200m children
RIP The Earl of Onslow
Pretty pictures


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