Never Trust The Government

The Conservatives and the LibDems both campaigned on an election manifesto pledging to abolish ID cards and the National Identity Register.

Nick Clegg: “It is outrageous that decent, law-abiding people are regularly treated as if they have something to hide. It has to stop.

“So there will be no ID card scheme, no national identity register, no second generation biometric passports.

“We won’t hold your internet and email records when there is just no reason to do so. CCTV will be properly regulated, as will the DNA database, with restrictions on the storage of innocent people’s DNA.

 “There will be no ContactPoint children’s database. Schools will not take children’s fingerprints without even asking their parent’s consent.”

David Cameron: “In all these ways, our personal freedom has been diminished. The balance of power in our country has shifted away from the individual – just trying to live their life and towards the state and its agencies – constantly probing, prying and picking on people.

So we will make some important changes. The next Conservative government will revoke the unjustified and unreasonable powers that let people enter your home without your permission.

We will change the law that allows councils to snoop on people for trivial matters.

We will review the use of the Terrorism Act’s Section 44, and the stop and search powers contained within it.

We will change the Criminal Justice Act 2003 to strengthen the right to trial by jury.

 And we will review the operation of the Extradition Act – and the US/UK extradition treaty – to make sure it is even-handed and works both ways.”


We need to keep a close eye on what they’re doing and we also have to ask ourselves what is the role of the EU in all this.

“…likely to lead to a proposal to “harmonise” the content of national ID cards (biometrics) and their use (e.g. e-government services like social benefits and health).

This questionnaire is the start of a process of “soft-law making” by the Council of the European Union which may lead to it adopting a set of “Conclusions” on national ID cards (ie: not binding on EU Member States but enabling them to take joint common actions). The European and national parliaments have no say over the content of Council “Conclusions”.

Let’s hope they don’t hear about this: New York bans outdoor smoking.

PS Look at what else the lucky Americans are getting.


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