They Won’t Stop Trying

Tptb don’t like the internet do they? If it isn’t judges making rash threats to sue thousands of twitterers, it’s politicians trying to rein it in.

Two things have happened today (apart from the injunction business). The first is Sarkozy who has said that governments need to lay down and enforce rules in the digital world. He was speaking at a conference organised by something called the “e-G8.”

The second is that Obama’s internet “kill-switch” is back on the agenda in Washington via the “Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act”.

In the UK we have the IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) which, you’ll be pleased to hear “operates independently of Government”. But, wait a minute, they also say they’re “closely supported by the Home Office, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Ministry of Justice as well as working with the Department for Children, Schools and Families and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and a number of Parliamentarians, Peers and MEPs who take an interest in our work.” They’re also partly funded by the EU.

Web searches, YouTube, Blogger, Groups, Videos were removed at the request of the British government between Jan and June 2010. (Click to enlarge)

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“Hugely controversial ‘Big Brother’ plans to store details of every internet click, email and telephone call that we make are being revived by the Coalition, it emerged last night. Police, security services and other public bodies would be able to find out which websites a person had visited, and when, where and to whom a text or call was made.”

They’re determined to exert some sort of surveillance over the internet; they really can’t bear to see something so free and out of their control. We have to be prepared to fight back hard.


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