What has Europe done for us?

It’s been a while since I posted a WHEDFU, mainly because I’ve given good links in previous posts and reckon that anyone who’s interested will follow-up for themselves. Also, the press are beginning to report more on EU issues – how can they not when so much pours from Brussels that affects us. Another issue is simply that there’s so much of it; I could spend all day every day blogging about the latest directive or initiative, the pan-european think-tanks and the structure and, frankly, I find that a depressing, wrist-slashing thought. I think there’s a market out there for an at-least-weekly national newspaper which publishes eu-related articles without editorial input – just the facts about what’s happening. I’d buy it!

Anyway, I’ve decided to keep WHEDFU going, if only because it provides an overview of the direction we’re travelling in. Whoever continues to say that we aren’t affected by the EU, or that we’re not interested, is misguided. Here’s the bare bones of the past few weeks:

Germany backs permanent EU seat in UNSC to detriment of British interests
De-industrialisation of the UK wins EU approval
European Arrest Warrant used against man with a bank overdraft
UK regulatory authority will be EU enforcer
Open Europe: What the EU’s financial supervisors will mean for the UK and the City of London
EU to re-write intellectual property law
Airbus A380 received illegal state aid
Barroso pledges an extra 1.34bn euros “to encourage democracy”
Poland thinks twice about adopting the Euro
Junker pressures Greece over 50bn euro privatisation programme
Greek fire-sale of public assets
Greece & the Goldman Sachs connection
Local authorities gain exemption from EU state aid scrutiny
Potocnik calls for collective action from Europeans to save the planet
Carbon pricing for ships & planes could fund EU climate change fund
EU-China trade war over paper tariffs
IMF praises Ireland’s austerity measures
Europe must do more for Ireland says IMF
Merkel: Greeks, Portuguese & Spanish take too many holidays and retire too early
Tomorrow’s G8 agenda: “The summit will start with lunch”
Cathy Ashton’s “image” problem
New low for EU-Israel relations
Lingering problems for Kosovo
Trouble in the Sudan
‘Schnappsomat’ a hit with EU officials
Mark Seddon: When are the people going to get the referendum on the EU?

Citzalia: The re-launch

Finally, here’s Herman’s haiku on leaving China:

China of today
Reinvents itself anew.
Old, new, together.



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