There was something wrong with my online radio connection this morning so I thought I’d check out the msm instead. Wish I hadn’t. It’s just old, regurgitated ‘news’. Then I turned to Twitter where I find that a fair few of the people I’m following are doing the same thing – with normal people this is not so bad but when it’s done by MPs and MEPs it’s a bit worrying. Still, at least it shows that when they’re not visiting libraries or schools in their constituencies they do read the papers from time to time, if only to see if they’re mentioned.

And another thing. Why the surprised reaction when anyone with an ounce of common sense can see which way the wind’s blowing?  THIS for example. Last year the coalition not only ring-fenced overseas aid but pledged to increase the budget and enshrine it in law. It was stupid at the time and it’s still stupid now.

Historical revisionism is still all the rage and anything from Edward I (Hammer of the Scots) to the present day is ripe for an apology or presented in an unfavourable light. I was disheartened to see some people actually calling for a war crimes tribunal but perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised – this is the paper whose commenters rail against muslim extremists and sharia law but in the next breath call for ‘an eye for an eye’ in criminal justice.

I see Obama has signed off another four years of the Patriot Act via the wonders of modern technology. Something called the “autopen” allowed him to sign off this repressive piece of legislation in Washington despite the fact that he’s in France.

As for the EU, well, what can you say about an institution that believes the way to harness the vibrancy and open-ness of free market enterprise is to regulate it? This entire misbegotten concept, that now has no reason to exist beyond its own self-perpetuation, is unsustainable. Look at any statement or press release by an EC Commissioner and you’ll find that if it isn’t announcing give-aways or issuing threats, it’s talking about introducing more legislation.

(Sarkozy: Ugly in the 70’s, twice as ugly now.  Whoops!  Just committed a crime under French law) .

Britain has been particularly hard hit by European-style politics. We have (had?) a system whereby rights do not derive from government as they do on the continent. The only way to ‘harmonise’ us was via infiltration and subversion – and they’ve done an excellent job.

I don’t think we should kid ourselves that Cameron & Co will change things.  They’ve had plenty of opportunity to show their mettle and change direction, but they haven’t.  I can only assume this is because things are going exactly as they want.

There is no political party or even an outsider who can lead us out of this mess. The change that must happen must come from us as individuals and we must be responsible for our own actions instead of looking to others. No-one will come.

I’m meandering off the point now and repeating myself so I’ll leave it – it was just supposed to be a moan about the stale news we’re fed day in and day out. The bottom line is that if you want real news the best bet is to check out the legislation in the pipeline and avoid the msm like the plague. You’ll rarely find the truth from those whose jobs depend on toeing the party/press pack line.

Just one other thing – I’m also disgruntled at passing on two bits of important info to another blogger who then presented it as his own without acknowledgement. I know this is shallow and ego-driven of me, but I’m only human after all and some kind of thanks would have been appreciated; a private email would have done the trick.

TFIF!  It looks like I’ll have to come up with a bit of humour for later.  Any political parties with preferential A-list candidates and a whipping system who want my vote at the next election can have this starter:


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