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This week it comes from the Runnymede Institute who asks whether a form of Stockholm Syndrome is holding back UK protest and revolution.


Governments could pull the plug on chicanery at the drop of a hat but neither the majority of the public nor the financial services community would tolerate such a thing due to the greater catastrophe that’s sure to ensue. Shapers of New Labour’s societal-wrecking policies knew since before 1997 that they would require a great amount of legislation (4,238) in preparation for the day John Bull was rudely awakened from his slumber, the day he realised whose interest all the politicians actually represent.

Rigging financial services rules was a top priority for Blair and his cronies during the credit boom. Shopaholics and owners of a lot of ‘stuff’ now find that it ‘owns’ them rather than the other way around. People got on the property ladder only to discover stealthy tax obligations that put some in nearly immediate negative equity. But one needs a roof over their head and everyone trudges on doing the best they can ‘hoping‘ things will ‘change‘ for the better when there’s realistically no end in sight.

You’ll need to read the whole post to get the context but it’s food for thought isn’t it?  I’m heartened by the way the blogosphere, or at least our corner of it, is discussing ‘referism’ and democracy – we need to have a realistic & achievable goal.  The current political system obviously only benefits a few, not the majority.

The msm can sneer & belittle all it likes and the political parties may try to overpower it but politically-independent blogs will carry on.


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