Sunday Round-up

It must be me – these are the most interesting headlines this morning:

Twitter cave in: South Tyneside councillors force Twitter to hand over details of British users. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ cash used in California legal action to disclose identities behind @fatcouncillor, @cllrdavidpotts, @councillorahmedkhan, @councillorkhan and @ahmedkhan01.
Another day, another injunction. The sex discrimination case, the married executive and “one of Britain’s top public bodies involved in law & order”.
Ashton’s EEAS oversteps the mark. EC & EEAS “are going beyond their remit to speak for the EU, by claiming to speak on Britain’s behalf on a range of issues which are more properly sovereign concerns.”
NATO naval HQ in Northwood under threat as NATO plans closure of two of its three maritime command centres.
Dannatt warns about Defence cuts “An Army as small as 80,000 would find it very hard to be credible.”
SAS capture two Taliban leaders in dawn raid – no shots fired.
Bedtime & bath-time advice given to Police Forces. If you want to know about sandwich-fillings, ask a policeman.
Salmond’s hope for Scotland: to become “the Saudi Arabia of renewable energy”. Energy exports to underpin economy of an independent Scotland.
Deutsche Bank advises Treasury?? Bank advises Treasury to privatise Northern Rock.
Cameron tightens grip on so-called A-list candidates and he’s ruled out more open primaries after voters elected ‘wrong person’ last time. Remember THIS? Now it’s THIS. “I’ll tell you what; we’re not having any more open primaries!”
Cameron not backing Lansley on NHS reforms. Lansley worked on the reforms for eight years while he was Shadow Health Minister – how can Cameron say he wasn’t aware of the policy?
NHS could save £40m pa “Simple changes” to surgery procedures could save cash.
Scotland Yard & phone hacking The game of finding someone to blame begins.
Shoesmith could have been fired legally without compensation if Haringey had followed correct procedure.
Young guns for hire. The rise of the child contract killers.
Huhne refuses to co-operate with the police. This follows his wife’s refusal to make a formal statement.
Secret plans to cut compensation to victims of crime   Civil servants are examining cheaper schemes around Europe before committing to a new set of tariffs for victims of crime.
No agreement on Party funding £50k cap on donations “would bankrupt Labour” who rely on Union funding.
Uni lecturers back the burkha “Delegates will cite as further evidence of Islamophobia the Swiss referendum decision to forbid the construction of minarets on mosques.”
From the 27th: Opening debate on Tower Hamlets’ muslims. “Little that is good or remotely heart-warming is happening there.”
Queen to Obama: “Oh no, not really. All I wanted to say was ‘thank you’.”
Festival of Shakespeare planned for Olympics 2012


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