I don’t know whether this is a round-up or an overview – don’t suppose it matters. Here are a few of the things I’ve found out today:

The freeganism & “theft by finding” case has been adjourned until 20 June. The judge said: “This is a far more serious matter than I first thought.” Food was thrown out by Tesco after a power failure at the store and was destined for landfill. A petty and pointless prosecution.

A new report on EU involvement in American politics has been published. Thousands of euros are being spent trying to win friends and influence people – money goes to support various lobby groups. That’s ‘our’ money, as if we need reminding.

David Gauke, Treasury Minister, and Dave Hartnett, boss of HMRC misled Parliament about Vodafone’s tax avoidance scam.

Taylor gets 12 months. It’s about time people like this thieving Lord were automatically stripped of their titles on conviction of a criminal offence. At the moment there is no such provision.

Politicians are more than twice as likely to go to jail than the Man on the Clapham Omnibus.

The Electoral Commission is to investigate Chris Huhne for offences under the Representation of the People Act 1983.

As the government tells Londoners to ‘get out of town’ for the Olympics it clearly has no intention of doing so itself since 9,000 tickets have been ordered for events. “3,000 will be set aside for for civil servants and other officials, who will have the chance to buy tickets from the reserved pool. Another 6,000 will be available for Ministers and top officials to entertain “international and domestic political and business leaders, dignitaries and others with a close connection to the Games”.” I bet they’re looking forward to trying out those zil lanes for themselves.

Olympic 2012 staff on fixed contracts are to get redundancy pay-outs. Most days I can’t believe what I’m typing up and today’s no exception.

There have been accusations of treason in the Greek Parliament as debate hots up about the involvement of the ECB/IMF/EU troika and Goldman Sachs.

Cameron breaks ties with the Jewish National Fund, a Jewish charity since 1901. Of course, it was the Guardian wot won it (says the Guardian).

The Treasury Select Committee could publish the full, uncensored PWC report into the collapse of RBS but won’t, on the advice of Adair Turner, head of the FSA, who says it wouldn’t be in the public interest. Oh, I think it would.

The Egyptian Army has admitted to carrying out virginity checks on arrested protesters. “We didn’t want them to say we had sexually assaulted or raped them, so we wanted to prove that they weren’t virgins in the first place.” Presumably the morale of this story for the Egyptian Army is if she’s a virgin, don’t rape her but if she’s not… … There’s no denial of rape allegations. The General said: “The girls who were detained were not like your daughter or mine.”

Some universities are colluding with the police by handing over cctv tapes & personal data of students. The message is: Don’t protest.

A third of rapists and murderers in the UK are foreigners and £34m was spent on translators for victims, suspects and witnesses last year.

How can any Minister in this government hold their head up high? The MoD is now renting ships from the Norwegians.

Here’s an update on the YouTube censorship row. Any blogger can tell you what’s happening. (Perhaps you’d better watch yesterday’s videos before they too ‘disappear’).

Two from Indianapolis: The Supreme Court repealed part of Magna Carta and ruled that homeowners have no right to resist illegal entry by police; Indiana Supreme Court receives threatening emails and phone calls.

Re-defining definitions. The EU, again. When is a document not a document?

Europe’s problems go way beyond Greece. I don’t think we need a leading economist to tell us that, although perhaps the EU’s finance ministers do.

UK gives another £1.4bn in aid for Pakistan. “The one-million-strong Pakistani community in UK serves as a bridge between the two countries,” said Prime Minister Syed Gilani.

The Belgian supermarket, Carrefours, has withdrawn a brand of toilet paper from sale because horoscope images looked similar to Arabic words – Allah and Mohammed.

I wonder why we have so many uninsured drivers.

Just say NO!

A blog post about MK-Ultra and its successors.

Quote of the Day:

“I’ve always been an exhibitionist. I want everyone to look at me when I’m out.”

And they do, dear, they surely do. She should read THIS. If you want to see more of the ‘aspiring model’ (not advised) go HERE.


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