A Word To The Wise

Never eat a square of Bourneville chocolate straight from the fridge. You could live to regret it and wish you weren’t. Also… forget about the Tooth Fairy being a benign, floaty creature with silver sprinkle dust and an angelic smile who does an exchange deal with new money for old teeth. She’s evil.

Muggins here thought I could get away with it, at least until I’d found a local dentist – not high on my list of priorities. And that’s why I ended up in agony with a face like a bag of spanners on Saturday morning. The antibiotics are just kicking in now and the swelling is going down but the pain-killers are useless. There’s no way I’m going back to the dentist this Thursday – apparently, if there’s still the slightest trace of infection the pain-killing injection isn’t effective so it hurts more than ‘normal’. No way, Jose. Talk about an arm and a leg as well. I’m already up to £260 and nothing’s been done yet!

One unexpected side-effect of all this is that I’ve rediscovered the mindless pleasure of blowing bubbles through a straw into my drink. It’s a good job I’m all grown up now (sort of) so I’m not getting the usual childhood telling off. Ah! The Good Old Days; bad manners aren’t what they used to be.

Do you want to hear about the property in Spain as well while I’m at it? The purchasers were supposed to complete yesterday but they raised “two minor points”. Apparently there’s some furniture missing which was on an inventory and I also left the kitchen intact. There’s a novelty. If only I’d had the foresight to rip it all out and have it shipped back to London! Oh, and there was no inventory either, signed or unsigned, so the drama continues for another day or two.

I had a peek at the papers this morning but, to be honest, politicians are the last thing on my mind. Cameron’s talking up the coalition plans for the NHS, Theresa May is talking big on immigration (the most secure borders?) and Civil Servants have been high on the hog with taxpayer-provided credit cards. Petty bureaucracy is rampant and our political institutions, from local government all the way to the European Commission are corrupt, stinking cess-pits of vile, self-styled elitists. I don’t think they’re ‘elite’, I think they’re deviouspowermadfreaky scumbags.

There’s some talk beginning in the media about the future construct of a disunited Kingdom with federations/confederations but I think we should be aware that this is filtering down from Brussels so we should be very, very careful before rushing headlong into talk of Assemblies, Parliaments, Executives or whatever for England.

As mentioned before, the only possible ray of hope from the break up of the UK is that it was ‘the UK’ which signed up to all the EU treaties since 1973 so, theoretically, there would need to be a fundamental re-negotiation. A referendum should be on the table but I think we’ve learned from experience that tptb will go out of their way to avoid one. A fully independent Scotland with Salmond & the SNP would open a constitutional minefield – and as Cameron has already stated, he has no desire to be Prime Minister of England. Imagine how the break-up of the UK would look on his political cv.  The funny thing is, though, that the Localism Bill is part of the process with an extra layer of governance.  I bet they’ll be talking up ‘Regional Mayors’ or somesuch for England before too long – all in the name of power to the people.

That’s enough ramblings for the moment.  It’s time for more bubble-blowing and another painkiller.   I’ll be back as and when.


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