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Really, that should be tosh, tripe or cr@p of the day.

“We need to represent European civilisation and values in a globalised world in which there are not as many Europeans. We have no choice but to start working together.” Admiral Pierre-Francois Forissier, Chief of French Navy.

We’ve been stitched up like kippers. I first heard this almost two weeks ago on the radio and was taken aback to hear it from a Frenchman. What’s the matter with our own esteemed politicians? Haven’t they got the guts to tell the British people the truth? They should lay the facts about the EU Military on the table instead of this sneaky deception.

Lying weasels.

Headline goal 2010

The Union will thus need forces, which are more flexible, mobile and interoperable, making better use of available resources by pooling and sharing assets, where appropriate, and increasing the responsiveness of multinational forces…
[…] (f) the availability of an aircraft carrier with its associated air wing and escort by 2008.

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Sarkozy & NATO in 2008

France wants each G-6 country 1) to contribute 10,000 troops to a 60,000-strong “common intervention force” and 2) to commit to spending a minimum of 2 percent of GDP on defense. France also wants the EU to have its own independent military planning capability (with its headquarters in Brussels).

Even though we know the government is lying when it denies the ultimate aim they still persist in feeding us misinformation or avoiding the issue completely. It looks like they’re only planning on one aircraft carrier so that could explain why Ark Royal was ditched and other plans shelved.

This is Brussels’ own production:

European Union Channel

Looks, smells, walks, quacks.

Bruges Group: Euro creep

Another Euro Creep:


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