Miracle: A Horse’s Arse Speaks

“If they want to make savings in the British public sector then it’s by increasing the role of the European Union that they can make the savings.”

Verhofstadt, a federalist, says there are many ways “Her Majesty’s Government” can make savings and suggests three of them:

1) Foreign policy: Reduce the number of British diplomats/embassies in favour of EU diplomats/embassies;
2) Join the euro and give more economic competences to the EU;
3) Adopt the European Patent laws.

Note how Martin Schultz, currently being touted as the next EC President, is enjoying the show at roughly 2:50. In fact, judging from the applause and laughter this 4-minute speech elicited, all the MEPs thought it was a great hoot.

Sneering b@st@rds. I hope they keep prodding the chained British bulldog because one day they’ll find that it still has teeth.

Cameron, you gutless piece of work – sort this out. How and why should we work with people who openly despise us and hold us in contempt for no other reason than that we are British? Repeal the 1972 European Communities Act and have done with it.


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