A mixed bag from here, there & everywhere but it gives a nice overview of what’s happening around us (there’s a couple of dodgy sources but I’m sure you’ll spot them):

 A Muslim couple (French nationals) have been so offended by the French burka ban that they’ve fled to Britain and hired a British legal team to challenge the French government in the European Court of Human Rights. No mention of them doing it with Legal Aid but you can bet your bottom dollar they are.

“As a result of the ban they have had to leave their country of nationality, as the ban restricts their freedom of choice, and that of their daughters.”

Not sure how reliable this one is but it’s an interesting interview. Swiss Banks and the Bildberberg connection: a “prominent” Swiss banker reveals plans for internet censorship.

“We received several such hand written letters coming from foreign secret services giving the order to payout cash from secret accounts to fund revolutions or for the killing of people.”

An article in EU Observer highlights the necessary measures the EU says member states must adopt in order to secure economic stability. Here are the instructions for George Osborne:

(1) Implement the planned fiscal consolidation aiming at a deficit of 6.2% of GDP in 2012-13, ensuring no slippage from the ambitious spending reduction targets, thereby strengthening long-term sustainability; subject to this, prioritise growth enhancing expenditure including research and innovation, and infrastructure investment.

(2) Develop a programme of reform which addresses the destabilising impact of the house price cycle on public finances, the financial sector and the economy, with a view to alleviating problems of affordability and the need for state subsidy for housing. This should include reforms to the mortgage market, property taxation and the planning system.

(3) Take steps to tackle youth unemployment by adopting a comprehensive strategy to reduce early school leaving, by the end of 2012. Address skill shortages by increasing the numbers attaining intermediate skills, in line with labour market needs.

(4) Take measures to reduce the high proportion of jobless households by increasing the supply of child care provision to facilitate single parents’ and second earners’ labour market participation.

(5) Significantly improve the availability of bank and non-bank financing to the private sector and in particular to SMEs. Encourage competition within the banking sector and explore ways to improve access to non-bank financing such as venture and risk capital and publicly-issued debt.

Another one from EU Observer: Parliament has been ordered by the courts to release a 2008 report about the abuse of allowances intended for parliamentary assistants.

The document details how a number of MEPs funneled money to family members, non-accredited staff and national political parties, as well as enriching themselves illegally. One MEP claimed to have paid the full €200,000 annual staff allowance to one person. A number of MEPs, primarily from Ireland and the UK, still continue to employ family members due to an exemption procedure.

EU Structural Funds, the mafia connection and more.  The missing billions and how they went on building hotels in Spain on protected nature reserves and large international companies instead of those they were meant to help.  Apparently there are only twenty-five anti-fraud investigators.

Open Europe analyses a FAZ article about the inevitable consequences of the EU and it isn’t pretty:

“A Europe with new internal conflicts, increasing hatred, barbaric struggles for economic resources, decreased welfare states and mass migration to central Europe.”

A strange one – the mystery E.Coli bug has apparently been found to have weaponized Bubonic Plague DNA.

Big Brother Watch has a link to the National Policing Improvement Agency which has info on how police forces use the UK national dna database.

A terrorist is being allowed to live in London.  He’s a Nigerian/British national with links to the 21/7/05 attempted bombings who trained in Syria and has close ties to extremists in North London.

The government has delayed the release of “Wish You Waziristan”, a cartoon about jihad.  It features two “English-raised” Muslims intent on causing mayhem in Britain and was commissioned by the previous Labour government.  Pedantic of me I know but if they were truly “English-raised” they wouldn’t be going on jihad – they’d be making nice cups of tea and eating bangers & mash.  What the write-up means is that the two characters were supposedly born in England.

Here’s a reminder of the madness into which we’ve descended and a glimpse of what has been lost, stolen by government or surrendered by us.  We should be ashamed.

I think we all already know about THIS so it’s here just for the record and to muse again just what someone has to do to be stripped of British citizenship and deported.

Britain hasn’t had a trade surplus since 1982:

Despite a near 25pc devaluation in the pound since the start of the financial crisis, one of the biggest devaluations ever – which should in theory make British goods and services more competitive – we are still importing far more than we are exporting.

Graham Linehan has a great blog and has written about his Radio4 interview which didn’t quite go according to plan.  The Today team seem to have fared worse.

The former Prime Minister of Iceland, Geir Haarde, has been formally charged for his part in the 2008 collapse of the country’s banks.  In his defence, he says he is being “politically persecuted.”

Sponsorship is wanted for Team Swift & Bold.  They’ve entered for Race Across America in memory of Major James Bowman and are raising money for three of his favourite charities.  The race begins next Saturday the 18th.

Most sensible & normal people (ie not this government) seem to be opposed to further British bail-outs of the eurozone countries but this petition, Oppose the EU bailouts has only 911 signatures (including mine).  Where is everybody?

Obama favours a a worldwide tax plan otherwise known as a “Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters”.   He proposes a world organisation to “impose global tax rules that would prevent taxpayers from ever having the ability to benefit from better tax law in other jurisdictions”.

Yet another EU report calls for increased funding for military research.  It’s such a load of cockwaffle it really is.

Finishing with something really good: Americans standing together. I’ve been well and truly mind-boggled – how on earth did they get it organised? Talk about where there’s a will there’s a way – the whole City looks like it was involved. Imagine getting that organised in England! Think about all the compliance procedures and threats of fines, not to mention the policing and high-viz vests. Well done to the people of Grand Rapids, I admire their spirit.


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