What A Mess

The Labour Party continue to fight internal battles and the Coalition diminish with every u-turn.

For those Labour supporters who have been blind to facts and always defended Gordon Brown as “the best Chancellor” there’s now undeniable written proof that he was a narrow-minded lightweight of the first order.

Between 2003 and 2009 the govt had five or six IMF warnings about public spending and all were ignored as Brown & Co continued with PFI and living in a land of financial make-believe. The country will be paying the price for generations to come yet, despite this, Labour show high in voting intention polls.

One thing has become quite clear over the past year and that is that Cameron can no longer claim “we are all in this together” without being laughed out of the room. It’s austerity cutbacks with a combination of rising inflation and job losses for the majority but business as usual for the banks and politicians. Once again it’s the hard-working and law-abiding who lose out.

In every single local council there are compliance officers: officers to ensure EU regulations are followed, officers to ensure no-one falls foul of multi-culti objectives, officers to ensure health & safety and equality directives are adhered to. To enable them to chivy and enforce this legislation on us we pay their salaries and their pensions.

We are a people bound in thought, action & speech. We are overwhelmed with petty restrictions and civil fines. Power and control moves further away from the people even as politicians talk of ‘localism’. Perhaps the ultimate aim of localism would be for each local authority to have its own television channel (taxpayer-funded of course) that can beam out suitable programmes 24/7 for the masses. Soma for all, but delivered locally.

Within our soma bubble we can shop locally, volunteer locally, be involved in politics locally, pay our taxes locally but we should never look up. We should never look up to see the regional authorities, the Westminster authorities, the European authorities, the UN authorities. And all the time we should believe our lying politicians when they wring their hands and say, “We are doing our best for you.”

Politics is just a show put on for our benefit. They speak without doing their homework or adding up the sums. It’s much easier to sign aid cheques to foreign countries than address the issues with care of the elderly and children in our own. It’s easier to make a bravado-filled speech about why it’s necessary to send our Armed Forces to war and it’s easy to stand up in the House of Commons each week and say how much their deaths are regretted. It’s easier to rubber-stamp a directive from a foreign authority than it is to prepare well-drafted and properly scrutinised legislation in our own.

We’re paying them to do a job they don’t do. They’ve handed control to those who are not elected and who sit in a profligate & authoritarian Parliament two hundred miles away.

Politics is corrupt.

Blair: Best Chancellor for decades
Pickles: We have set out fully funded proposals to help deliver weekly rubbish collections, ending Labour’s unpopular cocktail of bin cuts, bin fines and bin taxes
Tens of millions of households will be stuck with unpopular “alternate weekly” bin rounds and compulsory recycling schemes after Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, and Caroline Spelman, the Environment Secretary, gave up the fight to force councils to change.
Change a few names and here’s a speech that could have been delivered by Cameron


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