Sunday Round-up

I didn’t spot many ‘huge’ stories around this morning but there seems to be a lot going on which probably add up to more than their individual parts, if you see what I mean.

“You have given my country to gangsters and prostitutes”. Article 8, ECHR enables dross of the world to remain here because they have the right to ‘family life’.

Police accused of cover-up. As muslims take Tower Hamlets in a campaign of violence one man was left partially blind for smoking in the street during Ramadan. Not only the Met are guilty of what is effectively complicity in crime.

Booker: Haringey’s child-stealers. What use is Art.8 here? Girl hasn’t been seen for ten months as Haringey defies the Children Act.

More Booker: The true cost of ‘climate change’.

RN pilots learn FrenchFor decades, our perception of the French has always been that they arrive when the battle is over. Now David Cameron has forced us to join forces, take French lessons and eat their food.’

Muslim Council of Britain calls for clamp-down on hate crimes. Oh, the irony.

Spies for schools as OFSTED proves itself ineffective yet King Fahd School & Madani School continue to operate.

Reform of the Scottish Parliament means MSPs will work ‘longer, faster, harder’.

Scots complain about “disproportionate role” in defence cuts. Also THIS from Friday.

Red Tory/Blue Labour communitarianism. “It is the revival of English nationalism which is providing the seed bed for the wider traditional conservative movement.”

Woman Inspector not fit to do job, fails ‘shield run’ test, feels humiliated so sues and wins case & compensation.

Police Equality & Diversity training course in Scotland uses tales of witches to make a point.

Paying half a billion pounds for fire service buildings to stand empty.

Popcorn time: a new book details Miliband in-fighting. Wouldn’t be surprised if DM’s team were behind latest Balls ‘leaks’.

Clegg claims ‘victory’ for LibDems over NHS reforms.

Olympics 2012: Team clothing and commemorative merchandise made in Turkey, China, India & Vietnam.

FBI called in as IMF hacked. Yet another tale of computer security compromised.

The Final Curtsey Eighty years with the Royal Family
Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor, RIP
Top of Desert Island Discs: The Lark Ascending. Comfortably Numb is No.4.
Pretty pictures

HS2: Secret northern route revealed
1% of Slovakia living in Britain


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