PMQs: Summary

There was a bit of a ding-dong between Cameron and Miliband this week. Miliband rose to great cheers from the Labour benches and led with welfare reform particularly as it affects cancer patients. He quoted MacMillan Cancer Support that cancer patients are facing benefits cuts. The argument went to and fro from there with Miliband doing much better this week. Bercow intervened twice.

Did your MP speak?
Margot James, Con, Stourbridge; Raymond Chisti, Con, Gillingham & Rainham; Geraint Davies, Lab Co-op, Swansea West; Andrew Rosindell, Con, Romford; Nia Griffith, Lab, Llanelli; Alan Reid, LibDem, Argyll & Bute; Gordon Banks, Lab, Ochill & South Perthshire; Fiona Bruce, Con, Congleton; Angus Robertson, SNP Westminster Leader; James Gray, Con, Wiltshire North; Mark Lazarowicz, Lab Co-op, Edinburgh North & Leith; Jeremy Lefroy, Con, Stafford; Huw Irranca-Davies, Lab, Ogmore; Adrian Sanders, LibDem, Torbay; Fiona O’Donnell, Lab, East Lothian; Jessica Lee, Con, Erewash; Mike Gapes, Lab Co-op, Ilford South; Mark Pritchard, Con, The Wrekin; Jack Dromey, Lab, Birmingham Erdington; Lee Scott, Con, Ilford North; Eric Joyce, Lab, Falkirk; Gordon Birtwhistle, LibDem, Burnley.

Topics raised:
Capping benefits @ £26k; kidnap & beheading of constituent’s relative; increase in the budget deficit; Falklands/Obama/sovereignty non-negotiable; women’s state pension age; women’s state pension age (2); inflation affecting pensioners; trafficked children; the Scotland Bill; Military Covenant written into law; increase in energy prices; special schools for children; increase in energy prices (2); National Diabetes Week/school bullying; increase in energy prices (3); traditional lace-making/loss of manufacturing in Erewash area; capability gaps in Libya/re-opening StratDefRev; aid budget saving “millions of lives”; Carers’ Week/cuts to services in B’ham; The Tamil Killing Fields/Ch4 documentary; corporate governance in City of London; mortage interest rates/economy.

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