Sunday Round-up

Another mish-mash of what passes for news in the Sundays these days, beginning with five from yesterday from the sleepy Sunday Telegraph:

UK banks dumping the euro. Main banks reduce their exposure to potential collapse.
Defence chiefs taken aback by enthusiasm for voluntary redundancy. Number of ‘the brightest & best’ personnel applying is double the expected.
‘Muslims integrate better than Christians’. Trevor Phillips on religion and equality laws.
The bias of the IPCC and the expensive folly of wind farms.
The Guardian & Observer in trouble – charging for online content could be on the cards.
EU directive seeks to weaken British animal welfare laws. UK given two years to comply with legislation permitting experimentation on wider range of animals. Cats, dogs, horses at risk. This one will have people on the streets.
Half of all antibiotics in the UK used on animals and 60% of those are for pigs. The rise of intensive factory farming.
NHS negligence bill tops £1bn pa. Health Trusts needlessly prolong cases and Ken Clarke proposes axing Legal Aid for victims of negligence.
Scotland is reminded it’s not an independent country, yet.  Dispute over wording and number of any referendum questions.
Poet leaves £1m to SNP as membership rises by 1,000+ since last month’s elections.
Build your own hydropower station. Landowners with streams/rivers urged to install turbines and water wheels as planning regulations are relaxed.
FCO dislikes Cathy Ashton’s EEAS but only because it wants it to be a ‘stronger, more effective & more credible’ body.
Another way to demoralise the Armed Forces – Special Forces Corporal leaves in disgust as he’s court-martialled for punching Taliban member.
Merchant ships could be armed for the first time since WWII in bid to tackle piracy; shares in pea-shooters to rocket.
England’s green & pleasant land. Proposals to build giant anaerobic digesters across the country divide opinion. With windfarms, new housing estates & mega-factory farms will there be anything left? Blake is turning in his grave and Wordsworth is lost for words.
‘Bad’ British diet MPs to devise healthy eating advice for unhealthy Brits. Lack of Vit.D, the sunshine vitamin, leading to osteoporosis. Either ban the niqab or leave us alone.
British street food on the move with poshified recipes. Get your daily dose of Vit.D by walking to the van (without your niqab).
Cameron: Absent fathers ‘as bad as drink-drivers’. Shurely not! Perhaps he meant ‘are worse than’. Stupid, superficial man going for the sound tough headlines.
Ministers call for review of human rights legislation. Art.8, the right to private family life, under attack.
Idiot MP invokes HRA and his right to ‘private family life’ to take his dog to work.
RBS to close three care homes and not before time; they’re a taxpayer-owned bank, not a charity.
Putting a positive spin on ‘refugees’. Refugee Week exhibition highlights British inventions that weren’t. I thought the new terminology was ‘asylum seekers’ but that doesn’t quite have the same ring.
Balls: don’t fall into Osborne’s trap. Govt are deliberately goading strikers says Balls who also advocates cutting the 20% VAT rate ignoring the fact that permission must be sought from the EU first. (Permission not required to raise it but essential to lower it).
More, unseen pics of the Obamas, just before the US signed the OAS declaration supporting Argentina’s claim on the Falklands.
Police spend £2.1m on bottled water.
Ban on Chinese Lanterns sought.
It’s ballet, Ken, but not as we know it.
Pretty pictures.

Council remove banners advertising Armed Forces Day after “glorifying war” complaints.
Brian Haw has died.
Waste incinerator planned for 1403 Battle of Shrewsbury site
Countries most exposed to Greek debt – France, Germany then UK.
The europrat Peers who held on to their EU pensions by blocking the EU Bill


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