PMQs: Summary & Videos

Tributes were paid this week to Craftsman Andrew Found, Corporal Lloyd Newell and  Private Gareth Bellingham.  Cameron praised their bravery and said they died “for the safety of British people at home”.

Miliband, flanked by Harman and Dougie Alexander with an unknown chewed-up little gnome further along the Bench, led with Armed Forces Day and Libya.  He quoted the concerns of the RN & RAF chiefs about fulfilling their mission and raised the prospect of reviewing the SDSR again.   Cameron: “We’ll be there for as long as it takes.” 

Miliband’s second three questions were about the police holding DNA of those arrested but not charged with rape.   The revised government policy is to destroy the DNA when no charges are brought but Labour want the Police to hold on to records for longer.

It was like a children’s party this week; I’m sure if jelly and custard had been to hand it would have been flung across the Chamber. Anyone listening on the radio would have wondered what was going.  One MP was shouted down (Glindon) and another (Jones) was ordered to sit down by the Speaker and his question (Labour’s unfunded tax cuts) went unanswered.

One thing Cameron does seem to do well is in replying to backbenchers’ questions;  he often takes the opportunity to tag on a few facts & figures to the end of his answers, reminding Labour MPs of how they’ve voted in the past, which is usually at odds with their present position now they’re in Opposition.

Did your MP speak?
Kerry McCarthy, Lab, Bristol East; Angie Bray, Con, Ealing Central & Acton; John Thurso, LibDem, Caithness, Sutherland & Easter Ross; Mary Glindon, Lab, North Tyneside (shouted down); Iain Stewart, Con, Milton Keynes South; Jessica Mordern, Lab, Newport East; Oliver Colville, Con, Plymouth Sutton & Devonport; Marcus Jones, Con, Nuneaton (ordered to sit down – question not answered); Valerie Vaz, Lab, Walsall South; Stephen Phillips, Con, Sleaford & North Hykeham; Helen Jones, Lab, Warrington North; Andrew George, LibDem, St Ives; Willie Baines, Lab, Glasgow North East; Greg Mulholland, LibDem, Leeds North West; John Mann, Lab, Bassetlaw; George Eustice, Con, Camborne & Redruth; Catherine McKinnell, Lab, Newcastle-upon-Tyne North; Douglas Carswell, Con, Clacton; Dan Jarvis, Lab, Barnsley Central; Stuart Andrew, Con, Pudsey; Wayne David, Lab, Caerphilly; Aidan Burley, Con, Cannock Chase; Unknown Labour MP, (Rochdale?); Paul Uppal, Con, Wolverhampton South West; Luciana Berger, Lab Co-op, Liverpool Wavertree; Robert Buckland, Con, South Swindon.

Topics raised:
Child poverty; Greek bailout/IMF; passport offices; u-turns & pensions; homophobia in football; runaway fathers/CSA; Captain Scott/Antarctic; Labour’s unfunded tax cuts & spending commitments; Epilepsy Council; effect of an unfunded cut in VAT; bankers’ bonuses -v- cuts in child disability payments; returning the Elgin Marbles; changes in housing benefit; Whizzkids charity/wheelchairs of choice; mistakes in school exam papers; Hutton Report/public sector pensions; NHS waiting time for a constituent; leaked letter re government’s agreement with Darling signing up to the EFM; re-open “the outdated” SDSR; HS2; sacking Minister for Wales (Cheryl Gillan); welfare system; UN Year of the Co-operative; learning about multiculturalism from Indian society; Tory MEPs against 30% cut in emissions; recidivism in prisons/reform.


Angus Robertson, SNP Westminster Leader raised a Point of Order regarding Ian Davidson, the Labour MP who said the SNP were “neo-fascist”.

Labour MP Alex Cunningham introduced a draconian Ten Minute Rule Bill to ban smoking in private vehicles where there are children present “and other instances”. It was opposed by Philip Davies, Con, Shipley who called it “a ludicrous infringement of our liberties.”   Cunningham was given leave to bring in his Bill on a vote – Ayes 78; Noes 66.

McCarthy – Colville incl Cameron -v- Miliband (Libya questions)

Miliband (DNA retention questions) – McKinnell

Carswell – Buckland

Videos courtesy of LiarPoliticians2

Parliament tv recording
Sketch from


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