Here are some interesting bits & pieces that haven’t really been covered by our msm:

48 of 65 US nuclear sites leaking radiation
1000+ scientists disagree about AGW
French propose extending internet censorship
Group lobbies for web-blocking in the UK
New phone app – watch the watchers
Why Italy may be downgraded – public debt soars
The most reckless banks are in Germany, France
White House seeks to control rural America’s farmland & allotments
Americans banned from trading in gold and silver
New position of EU envoy to “South Mediterranean” created
EU supports erection-boosting condoms
IMF tells EU to push for “faster, deeper integration”
There’s no hope for us as a country – Labour ahead in the polls. I truly despair at the voting numbnuts.

Five that made it into the msm:
Balls instructs police re leaked papers
UK Armed Forces must integrate with EU says Labour Opposition
Nine out of ten jobs go to immigrants
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a micro-drone
Man disputes Council ‘ownership’ of common land

From the blogs:
Through the looking glass – a maelstrom of chaos
Why the crisis is not over and will recur, Part I
Part II
Plane crash: Russia’s nuclear expertise annihilated

Finally, I’d like to think this encounter had a happy ending:


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