RAF Training Foreign Pilots

RAF trainee pilots were sacked at such short notice that the training courses are still in place and have to be paid for regardless of whether anyone’s on the courses. The RAF is therefore touting for and training foreign pilots, despite sacking British trainees who were just a few days away from qualifying. How the hell does this make sense?

Lord Astor, a defence minister, said:

“Supporting the training needs of our partners and allies provides important defence and diplomacy benefits and is also a critical factor in securing contracts for defence export sales, which are worth billions of pounds and thousands of jobs to the UK defence industry.”

It seems the wilful paring down of our Armed Forces continues without thought to long-term financial considerations and planning.

One other thought, our Armed Forces swear allegiance to the Crown, not a government, so since the Queen is an EU citizen, does this technically mean that our Armed Forces already belong to the EU and we just didn’t notice it happening?

Foreigners replace sacked pilots

UPDATE: The three Service Chiefs are kicked off the MoD’s Defence Board
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