The EU Budget

It seems that the European Commission is looking for a budget increase of 8.1% for the years 2014-2020, that’s a cool 1.025 trillion euros worth of control, propaganda and wealth distribution in the pipeline.

The first figure they mentioned was 5.1% but some figures were deliberately hidden to cause uncertainty. Bruno Waterfield should have an interesting article about this in the DT later. He tweeted that “#EC official has just said my #EU #Budget calculation of 8.1% is “legitimate but not the way we’ve done it”.

No doubt they think that demanding a 12.5% increase is a fair starting point for negotiation. Cameron has said it should be the rate of inflation (supposedly around 2%?) and I think that if it must rise then it should be by the Bank of England interest rate – 0.5% – and that’s still more than they deserve. What I’d really like them to have as a contribution isn’t printable.

“…the biggest amount of money, about euro376 billion, would go to boosting the EU’s underdeveloped regions. That’s followed by around euro372 billion to support the region’s farmers.

“We are proposing an ambitious, and at the same time responsible budget,” European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said in a statement. “It is a realistic proposal with which we can make a difference.”

It’s amazing that this ex-Maoist and his commie colleagues should have climbed so far up the political pole since the 70s.


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