Saturday morning blues

Sorry but it’s yet more EU rabbiting. Reverse Majority Voting is something we haven’t been familiar with but we’ll be hearing more of it in future. It’s an EU invention so we’d better knuckle under and get used to it.  What it boils down to is that a Commission proposal is to be considered adopted automatically unless rejected by the European Council.  (Did I hear someone whisper “but the European Parliament is elected?” – forget it – they’re way down the voting league).

Dan Hannan explained it last year but what it means is that unless a majority vote rejects a proposal it will be accepted.

“A new enforcement system will be developed:

There is an agreement that, in a system where fiscal responsibility remains largely under the responsibility of national authorities, there is a need for a credible enforcement mechanism at the EU level. Whenever possible, decision-making rules on sanctions should be more automatic and based on a reverse majority rule, implying a Commission proposal is adopted unless rejected by the Council.”

This RMV system was initially intended to deal with economic and fiscal matters but, as President of the European Commission, ex-maoist Jose Manuel Barroso, makes clear, it’s somehow, miraculously, been extended:

When they’ve finished congratulating themselves perhaps they’ll spare a thought for the people they’re imposing their will upon.  Cameron must know all this so, ergo, he’s lying to the British people.  Doncha just love politicians?


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