Happy Anniversary, sort of

A post from a couple of years ago caught my eye and it occurred to me yet again that we’re no further forward. Yes, Brown’s gone, but the Labour Party (Blair/Mandelson’s New Labour) is still, for some unfathomable reason, ranking high in the polls. They’re still on the Opposition Benches and they’re still on the airwaves with their denials and evasions. You’d think that after thirteen years of increasing authoritarianism in the form a a new law each & every day, people would have wised up, but no.

I think people are clinging on to an ideology that exists only in their heads – perhaps the original Labour Party ethos of freedom and fairness for all – no more downtrodden peasants grinding at the mill of the fat land-owner and all that. However, it’s now an outdated concept and so the Labour Party now has no reason to exist except to extend its control and influence. Its work is done. Society has changed and moved on – it’s time they did the same.

As for the Conservatives, they’ve turned so far to the centre-ground that they’re disappearing down the hole in the middle. Cameron, far from proving himself to be the leader this country needed, is more of the same but with an English accent. Cameron is part of our Hegelian dialect.

It will end in tears, not because anyone in particular is looking for confrontation but because man’s natural state of being is to live his life as free from as much interference as possible. When the State becomes over-bearing & puritanical it makes the little things impossible and saps the joy from life.

More must be done to row back the State or else Cameron – and the EU construct – is toast. I can’t see it happening. I can’t see any political recognition or will to row back the State. I see various murmurings about the EU from the new intake of MPs, and Carswell & Hannan repeat the same things over and over without actually reaching the point. Like this blog, probably.

The msm are next to useless as a true informing medium, this new online news aggregator I’ve been fiddling around with has more truth, honesty and investigative journalism in it than we get from our press and tv news. The problems are on more than one front.

It won’t wash that Cameron’s hands are tied by the LibDem coalition.  He got what he wanted and he never wanted a majority Conservative government. You only have to recall the run-up to the GE to know that.

Here’s what I wrote two years ago: Tick-tock goes Cameron’s clock


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