Sunday Round-up

It is Sunday, isn’t it? Most of the bigger stories are Saturday’s and have just been recycled by the papers. I seriously had to go and check the calendar this morning. Here goes:

Welfare reform could make 40,000 homeless The government’s left hand and the right hand – never the twain shall meet. The text of Eric Pickles’ letter.
Suppliers look likely to remain under the thumb of supermarkets “…the proposed groceries code adjudicator is an unnecessary extra burden on supermarkets and that it would lead to higher food prices.”
Porn Idol at No.10 A modern-day symptom – a lack of discernment & suspect morals at No.10.
Calls to bring back Purnell The man who’s biding his time.
Cameron -v- Bercow: Round 3 In which we learn that Bercow “was teased [at school] for his small stature and fear of wasps.”
500 frontline troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan Deadline of Summer 2012 announced but why tell the Taliban?
Structural Funds for Region that’s only a figment of our imagination
Dawn raid on Vickie Pryce’s home. She was “very shocked” at the early hour but she shd be grateful that (a) they had a warrant and (b) it wasn’t 4am.
Art.8 ECHR to be reviewed Let’s see how far this gets before it goes quiet.
Drawing the battle lines between Scotland & England How ironic that in initial polls 70% Scots don’t want independence but 60% English do
Labour review their Scottish leadership
Water companies accused of environmental vandalism
Charles meddling in politics Nine ministers in ten months.
Irish are restless over Bankers & Quangoistas “Often if you ask the question were bonuses paid you’d get the answer ‘No’. But you’d subsequently find other forms of top-up payments were made.”
The MoD & PFI schemes plus £17.9m for single, unknown item on MoD credit card.
£30k cash incentive for Peers to step down “[Lord] Steel suggested that retiring peers could use the extra cash to pay for a new car or go on a cruise.”
Bio-fuels land grab in Africa More coverage of the true cost of alternative fuel in the name of saving the planet.
Thatcher too ill to attend Reagan statue unveiling
New ‘reality’ show – jobs as prizes
Explosion at a French nuclear facility

Linguists preserve English quirks of language
Unusual pics of St Paul’s Cathedral
New pics of Ground Zero

And finally: They don’t make ’em like this any more “I am a strong believer that with a bit of positive thinking and with enough willpower you can keep going and get through these things.”

Hooray! “I asked one of the most clued-up Eurosceptics on the centre right what opt-outs Britain should push for in any negotiation over an EU treaty change. His answer, to my surprise, was “forget that, we should just leave”.
UK is facing a sovereign debt crisis

I’m intrigued by the automatic news aggregator on Twitter so I’m trying it out to see how it looks – The GV News – what do you think?


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