Feeling Restless

I’m feeling restless for a bit of live opera and some music – I missed it when I was in Spain. Apparently, there’s something on in Temple Place but I’m not sure it’s quite my thing. Mme Butterfly and Tosca are on again at the ROH but I’m in the mood for something different, something unseen. Cendrillon doesn’t appeal and the Royal Ballet School’s annual performance clashes. It looks as though I’ll have to be patient.

Whilst I mull over the offers, here’s a reminder of what a terrific pianist Percy Grainger was:

I’ll be back on Wednesday to keep a record of PMQs, though I sometimes wonder why, given that it’s just a noisy, self-important sideshow.

I’ll also post European Union news & keep up-to-date on Twitter but that’s about it – there’s no point commenting on regurgitated half-truths, which is all we get from the Westminster Assembly and the msm since the signing of the Lisbon Treaty. I think a day or two off, away from the brain-screeching hypocrisy of Cameron & Co will do me good – plus the sun is still shining 🙂


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