Friday Post

Here’s an excellent analysis of the NotW/BSkyB situation from Autonomous Mind and the possible repercussions of the NotW phone hacking for the country:

Extract only:

Imagine if such an alternative was to emerge in the UK, an alternative that resonates with ordinary people who can see the bias but whose only choice is to listen in or hit the off button. Sky News has the capacity to become that kind of news outlet if it is wholly owned by a conservative – even though Sky would have to spin off the channel from the rest of the BSkyB group. Sky itself could play host to current affairs and documentaries coming from a conservative viewpoint. The BBC don’t want that and the Guardian, which influences so much BBC output, doesn’t want that either. Which is why the phone hacking issue has been transformed by the Guardian and BBC into the campaign it really is – stop Murdoch from owning Sky.

The cynicism is sickening, but the stakes are the highest. This is about exerting influence over the British people. The propaganda broadcast on any number of issues, from climate change to public spending, is designed to underpin the ‘progressive’ agenda.

Pop over and read it all; the BSkyB/NotW issue affects all of us and how our news is controlled.


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