TRIUMPHALISM n.excessive celebration of the defeat of one’s enemies or opponents

Wrong choice of word by europrat Clegg this morning in Paris, as he urges British people to continue bailing out euro-zone countries.

This europhile traitor, who does everything in his power to subvert our sovereignty and hand it over to a foreign political construct, is another who will have his EU pension and perks removed if he does not “at every opportunity” promote the EU. The man is a slimy and devious bureaucrat who, without the EU, would have deservedly remained a nonentity.

No-one in my circle of friends sees the crisis in the euro-zone as anything other than an economic disaster for the people of those countries, particularly in Ireland and Greece. They’re certainly not “triumphalist” to see living standards collapse, people thrown out of work, suicide rates climb and the emergence of soup kitchens.  Neither do they see the people of Europe as ‘enemies’ or ‘opponents’.  That, however, does not mean that the UK should continue to bail out the politicians and bankers of a failed monetary union who are bringing this fiasco to its inevitable conclusion.

“The moving finger writes, and having written moves on. Nor all thy piety nor all thy wit, can cancel half a line of it.”  One problem is that the euro-federalist ink has run dry but the EU finger is still writing without anything positive or meaningful to say.  They have only one solution: continue the bail-outs until the plans for economic governance are in place complete with the EU Treasury and the EU Finance Minister to dictate financial policy in all member-states.

The people of Europe will remember this phase in history for a long, long time and it may be that the worst is yet to come since the EU-elite show no sign of admitting that their plans for a politically & economically united Europe are collapsing.  If they persist in their delusion they will find that the people of Europe are happy to disabuse them.

The DT is also running with Clegg’s speech but the article is extremely brief and comments are not allowed.

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