Sunday Stumblings & Gleanings

Audio accompaniment:

Iran fuelling an Islamic revolution
Obama: messing with America’s gun laws as per UN instructions
Our Precious calls EC/ECB emergency debt crisis meeting amidst Italy contagion fears And lo! It came to pass …
Trichet: “The major revelation of the last four years was the fragility of the global economy.” Oh, really?  The Man on the Clapham Omnibus saw it coming, you lying muppet.
No trace, no footprint, it’s as if he never existed
NHS funds millions of foreigners out of the bottomless pocket of the British taxpayer. £billions sent abroad. How much do you have left after you’ve paid your tax, paid your household bills and done the weekly shop?

Nigel Farage debates the EU financial tax with a LibDem MEP and a German Green MEP. The real reason for this proposal is to directly fund the EU but tptb hope it will gain sheeple support since it purports to ‘bash bankers’. Apart from providing the EU with cash it will also seriously undermine the City of London financial sector (c. £14bn to the Exchequer last year).

The following video is just here because I like its quirkiness:


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