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It’s a long time since I did a WHEDFU, partly because the thing seems to be disintegrating so fast that it’s actually made the mainstream media now. As we all said, the Euronating Ones will cling on to the bitter end – that’s our bitter end, not theirs. Our troubles will come before theirs but, oh my, I love the smell of hubris in the morning. You can already see them scrambling to change illegal treaties to accommodate their failures. I wonder if this is what Schuman & Monnet had in mind or if they were just early-warning hippy-dippies wanting love and peace for all mankind. We’ll never know but we will know the outcome.

The first is the Hansard record from yesterday when the Lords’ amendments to the European Union Bill went back to the Commons. The Sunset Clause didn’t go down too well and the Lords have many Peers who are beholden to the European Union for their pensions. ‘Be good boys and girls and we’ll look after you if you look after us’.

John Redwood offers his thoughts on last night’s vote on doubling Britain’s ‘subscription’ to the IMF to c.£20bn, which the IMF will, of course, forward to countries such as, oh, I don’t know, Greece? Spain? Italy? Ireland?

‘Eurosceptic’ Cameron whipped the Conservative backbenchers to vote ‘Yes’ to the increase.  Conservative Home has the name of those MPs who didn’t toe the Party line and who voted with the Opposition.  Their number has increased throughout the day and it now stands at thirty-two.  Thirty-two who are prepared to put principles and this country before their Party & the government whips; the government won the day by twenty-eight votes.  If your MP isn’t listed then he/she voted to increase the payment.  Let him/her know if you’re happy about that.

Listening to our govt and reading the msm you’d be forgiven for thinking that the UK is the drugs capital of the world, but not so.  Apparently it’s a tie between Denmark, Italy & Spain.  “Heroin den. Almost all young people agree the drug is dangerous and should be against the law.”  I thought possession of heroin was already illegal in this country?

Here’s a NYT article from the man we can’t get enough of in this country.  He even has the damned nerve to quote Churchill.  What a scuzz-bucket.

“So, if I am right, we must now exchange panic-driven responses for a long-term reconstruction, or we will face a lost decade of high unemployment with social discontent, anti-immigrant feeling and secessionist movements. “

I’d like to see his article published in a British newspaper that allows comments.


That’s better.

Changes to the Lisbon Treaty  are not only illegal in its current terms but would attract referenda, particularly in Britain, if the European Union Bill goes through.  It’s imperative that the EU tweaks and changes the Treaty to accommodate all the bail-outs before our EU Bill is made law.  I’m sure Cameron will do his best to comply.

After all, it wouldn’t do to hold any referendum on the EU when the latest poll shows that Britons would vote to leave in a heartbeat.   At the moment only one in five support remaining in the EU.  That doesn’t take into account the millions of euros that would be poured into any pro-EU campaign or the BBC going into overdrive.

The EU hasn’t thought very much of the Credit Ratings Agencies for a while now – and really, neither have we; after all, these are the firms that rated Lehman’s AAA just before they crashed.  However, where there’s a crisis there’s an opportunity and the EU means to have its own Credit Ratings Agency.  I wonder if they’ll all get one of those pensions if they’re good boys and girls?  Still, it all ties in with wanting it’s own Chancellor/Finance Minister and Exchequer/Treasury to oversee the economy of all the member-states.  More HERE.

Former Conservative MEP Den Dover is in the news again.  OLAF is refusing to comment on reports that British authorities have requested the files regarding the fraud but OLAF won’t hand them over.  Dover is accused of fraudulently obtaining c.630,000 euros and falsely claiming c.400,000 euros in expenses.

I wonder why they’re so reluctant to hand over the files?  Here’s OLAF’s mission statement:

“OLAF is responsible for fighting fraud against the financial interest of the EU. We investigate in full independence allegations of fraud against the EU Budget, and allegations of serious misconduct against the members and staff of EU Institutions and bodies.
OLAF is also the department of the Commission which is responsible for anti-fraud policy. We work with our partners to prevent and deter fraud and to spread best practice.”

A Mission Statement like any other and no doubt framed and hanging on the walls of Councillor’s offices up and down this land. 

We all know that Italy is in a mess and Spain has signalled its woes as well – the markets will just freefall, taxpayers might throw good money after bad but markets don’t.  If Italy goes down the tubes, Britain stands to lose ONLY c.£43bn.  I repeat: “Only”.  That’s nothing compared to what we’re giving to the EU and the IMF as “subscriptions”.  For every £1 saved by ‘cuts’ here, we’re sending £2 to the EU/IMF.

Ommmmmm…. ….


Ireland’s busted: Downgraded to Baa3

This is how it was last week:

All together now: “Om mane pembe hum”.


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